Mac Pro saddle bags bring Old West's sophistication to your $ 6,000 computer

   If you want to add Wild West's aesthetics to the incredibly expensive yet powerful Mac Pro, now a leather saddle can be bought for $ 399 to give it cowboy vibe, as discovered by Gizmodo.

   WaterField Design's Mac Pro Gear seat flips to the top of the computer, has seven different sized pockets and spreads out to the sides of the saddle. It is meant to allow you to store accessories like a Magic Keyboard or a pair of headphones, which sounds convenient but also extremely unrealistic because the Mac Pro is essentially a stationary desktop. Of course, if you bought $ 400 wheels from Apple to give Mac Pro some portability, then you could benefit from the extra pocket space.

   Although this leather saddle is stylish, I recommend not buying this accessory just to drive the computer around the house like a noble reed.