This is what a profound voice copy used in a failed fraud attempt sounds like

01-08-2020 - The AI ​​voice clone is getting more and more realistic One of the deep applications of deepfakes - the AI ​​technology used to manipulate audiovisual content - is a sound deepfake scam. Hackers use machine learning to copy someone's voice and then combine that voice with social

6 reasons why your credit score is reduced

30-05-2020 - Don Patrick Panic, the more you know about how it works, the

Top 10 Hot Big Data technologies

20-05-2020 - When big data analytics markets rapidly expand to include key customers, which technologies have the highest demands and promise the most growth potential?

Understanding Requirements and claims

19-05-2020 - You have the insurance in place and now you need to make a request. We explain what to expect throughout the process of insurance requirements.