This is what a profound voice copy used in a failed fraud attempt sounds like

01-08-2020 - The AI ​​voice clone is getting more and more realistic One of the deep applications of deepfakes - the AI ​​technology used to manipulate audiovisual content - is a sound deepfake scam. Hackers use machine learning to copy someone's voice and then combine that voice with social

Facebook said deleting videos with false information about the COVID-19 virus ‘takes longer than it should have

30-07-2020 - Facebook has been proud of scrutinizing and eliminating false information COVID-19 posted to its social network since March, but the company is currently being fired for not taking action in the past few hours. a news video about Breitbart spreads conspiracy theories and treatments over the weekend.

Mac Pro saddle bags bring Old West's sophistication to your $ 6,000 computer

15-07-2020 - Mac Pro saddle bags bring Old West's sophistication to your $ 6,000 computer I will take my Mac Pro to the old street, but I can ride

Why are we doubling the amount invested in the cloud

09-07-2020 - Many more years, people will look back on the COVID-19 pandemic as a turning point for society and the global economy.

Those who think they already have Covid-19 are less likely to download contact tracking apps

10-06-2020 - True research has highlighted the long-term damage of early human trials According to a study published this week, people who think they have been infected with coronavirus are less likely to download contact tracking apps, even if they have no evidence that they have been infected.

For sale: The Hyperscaler server is used from Amazon, Facebook

20-05-2020 - With superpower service providers overhauled their data center devices with the latest technology, they're selling their old equipment, potentially more powerful than most businesses are used today.

5 Groundbreaking storage technologies for the year 2020

20-05-2020 - Leading technologies, including NVMe, storage-class memory, and intent-based storage management, promise to change how IT organizations store, manage and use data.

Unravel Digital identity Technology

20-05-2020 - With more than 1.1 billion individuals with no formal evidence, countless technologies are evolving at a faster pace than ever and becoming more reasonable,

How IT supports data science activities

20-05-2020 - Data science and IT is no longer a distinct industry. Think of it as a partnership. World Data Science in its most pure state is created by parallel processing servers that mostly run Hadoop and execute in batch

Top 10 Hot Big Data technologies

20-05-2020 - When big data analytics markets rapidly expand to include key customers, which technologies have the highest demands and promise the most growth potential?

We need to talk about the "neutral cloud"

18-05-2020 - An infrastructure that is worth billions of dollars, privately-owned is currently essential to the modern internet economy. That will scare you.

Microsoft is bringing a quantum computer to the cloud

18-05-2020 - The company will allow its cloud customers to exploit quantum computers that are operated by Honeywell and two production startups.