Modern technology has helped people forever.


About 150 years ago, before modern medicine was born, human average life expectancy was about 40 years. For more centuries, modern medicine has doubled human average life expectancy. With artificial wisdom, robots and scientific breakthroughs, can we be young?

About 150 years ago, before modern medicine was born, human average life expectancy was about 40 years. People often die from accidents, illnesses and medical problems on this day are said to be easy to treat.

For more centuries, modern medicine has doubled human average life expectancy.

And in the future, our children will also be extended to life than us today.

That’s because, like how antibiotics, disinfection, vaccines have opened a new era of health and longevity, new technologies currently include robots, artificial intelligence and data will continue Long extend the life of our children.

According to the 2012 2012 report, around 316,600 people over 100 years old. By 2050, the estimated new medical technology will increase this number up to more than three million. And official forecasts show that children born today in advanced countries can live for more than 100 years.

While scientists believe there is a limit on time the body can operate, but previous improvements on life expectancy are scientific and sociologically, not evolutionary, because So it is likely that if science continues to improve, people will increase their life, to some extent.

And some of the largest technology companies are actively investing in this field. Larry Ellison, CEO cum and founder of Oracle, poured about $ 45 million in more than a decade for anti-aging studies. Co-founder of Paypal, Peter Thiel, donated US $ 6 million to the Foundation Sens Foundation to study aging and longevity.

Co-founder Google, Sergey Brin, was donated $ 50 million to study old age diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, after knowing he was at risk.

As a company, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) invested more than $ 730 million on a company called Calico, with the only goal of prolonging human life.

* This company is still studying and here are some of the latest achievements:

– Gene therapies have doubled the mouse life by eliminating two genes that are relevant to aging.

– Other scientists are pursuing “rejuvenation technology”, allowing people to prolong their ability to operate and feel more young; Some are studying to remove toxins from the body that scientists believe they are one of the causes of aging problems.

– Scientists are also learning how to build replacement parts when our bodies are worn. Robot arms have been put into use, 3D agencies and prints are being developed, or automation agencies, such as artificial pancreas automatically manage drugs to control diabetes.

– Improvements in diagnosis and treatment may increase personal life, such as small sensors that can detect heart attacks before occurring, diagnostic and treatment plans have The support of artificial intelligence, special medicines and therapies to treat complex diseases such as cancer.

– Products and health care and health improvement programs, such as webcam visits or training can help us better.

Of course, the average life increase has other implications. People who live up to 100, even 200 but retirement at age 60 or 70 are absurd. If our lifespan increases, the quality of life of old years does not keep up, the world will need resources to take care of the elderly and longer.

If our lives are extended and our quality of life is improved equivalent, there will still be social consequences. People may have many major careers during their lifetime. Family members can group and replace the session to get a break together. The government may need to implement population control policies (such as China has done) to ensure sufficient resources for the population growing. Insurance, medical care, long-term care and family power correlations will also be affected.

So, although it’s not sure to have a “magic tablet” that can reverse the aging process or make us live forever, but today’s advanced technologies are on their way to help us live Longer, healthier and more effective life.

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