AI technology accelerates the tourism industry.


   Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives the tourism industry a new look, bringing many benefits and convenience to both tourists and businesses.


Typically, the term “artificial intelligence” is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic the “cognitive” functions that humans associate with the human mind, like “learning ” and “solve the problem”.

The development of science and technology, including AI, has been changing global tourism. Tourists are increasingly using technology. According to statistics, 74% of tourists use the Internet to plan their trip (Google Travel); more than 45% of people will use smartphones to book vacations (TripAdvisor); more than 36% of customers can pay more if the transaction is easy and good interaction and about 80% of customers prefer to find out information on their own.

Understanding this fact, many companies have applied AI technology to find customers and improve service quality. Technology helps small and medium businesses catch up with big brands. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) also hopes that AI can help recover the tourism industry after the crisis because of Covid-19. So how powerful is AI?

* Book fast, professional service.

AI makes trip planning fast, professional and personalized. Customers only need to quickly select a number of items such as “eating”, “nature”, etc., and they will receive recommendations on places, activities to try, and appropriate ways to move. Halo Travel – WEX’s app even allows users to book flights and accommodations using just voice, with the help of Google Assistant.

Well Traveled has developed an AI tool that learns what websites and products customers have visited before, and then recommends the right products to customers. Director Samantha Ruiz said: “Travel agencies have lost most of their customers because of not being able to collect data. We created a tool for tour operators to know what customers care about. .”

Carriers and hotels use AI for flexible quotes. Room rates will change automatically according to weather, events and room availability. A train booking service in the UK, Trainline, has a tool that tells passengers which airline they will be booking, based on their location and previous bookings.

* Automated consulting 24/24.

With the AI platform, Chatbots (automatic talking) tool becomes an extremely effective consultant for travel agencies. Customers are often very impatient with their questions, while human resources are limited. Chatbots can respond to customer inquiries almost immediately and regardless of day or night, just like regular customer service agents. With that superiority, Chatbots help businesses reduce labor costs and increase work efficiency.

Popular booking site says that in less than 5 minutes its Chatbots can answer 30% of common customer questions like “What’s the weather like there?” or “What can I play with $200?The Hiton hotel system uses the robot “Connie” with AI and machine learning to talk to customers. The robot will take in data, learn, and become smarter every time it interacts with a guest.

* Big data processing and analysis.

Processing and analyzing data helps businesses understand customers such as favorite destinations, spending methods … so that they can advise the right audience, the right customer needs and the target market. AI drives tourism businesses to digitally transform towards automation, increasing efficiency, and building better operational plans.

AI can replace humans processing huge data sets and making quick, accurate conclusions. The Dorchester Collection hotel group says AI has helped it read 7,000 customer reviews in less than a minute, understand both compliments and criticisms, analyze what guests need and then report to hotel service improvement.

* Smarter troubleshooting .

AI helps companies manage reputation and handle media crises. Businesses often want to know what customers say about their services, because any negative customer review can cause serious damage to their reputation. AI helps track customer reviews, find comments on social networks related to your brand.

AI can also be a “lifesaver” when unexpected incidents occur. For example, when a traveler is moving to the airport,Of course, receive information about flight delays or cancellations. So the problem is that they have to reset a series of services because of this change. Priceline CEO Glenn Fogel believes that in the future AI will provide automated solutions for customers in such cases, based on weather information, flight information.

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