Exercise for your brain memory.


   Exercise for the brain to improve memory and concentration is a priority for many people, especially the elderly. The 13 exercises below will help you improve brain function at any age.

1. Exercise your brain with Jigsaw Puzzles.

No matter how many puzzle pieces you are experiencing and what the picture will be, it will help your brain be activated to work better.

Many studies have shown that when you focus on finding different pieces of the puzzle and putting it in the right place for the big picture, the brain has the opportunity to challenge and exercise its thinking and thinking abilities. flexible. Health experts claim that playing jigsaw puzzles is a great way to exercise the brain.

2. Exercise for the brain Play chess.

Gentle relaxing games such as chess, chess, checkers … will help players increase the volume in some areas of the brain to a certain extent. Besides, many studies on the effects of mind games also show that playing cards will also help you improve memory and thinking ability.

3. Learn new words.

Mom listens to baby talk to help baby increase vocabulary and help mom exercise her brain

A rich vocabulary will help you become a sharp thinker. Many studies show that many areas of the brain play a role in helping you remember words, especially in people who work in professions related to auditory and visual processing such as reporters, singers, etc. public relations, host…

There are many ways to increase your vocabulary. In it, the easiest way is to always have a notebook with you. When communicating, if there is a word you find unfamiliar, copy that word into your notebook and look up the definition. You continue to use the word in the right context for the next day’s conversations.
4. Dancing or dancing helps Exercise the brain.

Medical experts say that learning to dance and regularly performing new dance moves can increase your processing speed and memory capacity. In other words, dancing or dancing is a way for the brain to get used to the fast rhythms and relax to the music.

If you want to exercise your brain with dance moves, try the following:

– Learn to dance salsa, hiphop or contemporary dance.
– Take a zumba or jazz fitness class

– Watch TV shows that have fun dance moves that make you happy

– Gather friends when the opportunity arises and dance freely together.

5. Use all your senses.

A 2015 research report suggested that the more senses a person uses at once, the better their brain has a chance to function.

To exercise your brain by using all of your senses, try participating in activities that involve all five senses. It could be baking, choosing farm produce, trying a new food that helps you focus on smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, and hearing at the same time.

6. Exercise your brain by learning a new skill.

Learning a new skill not only makes your soul more interesting, but also strengthens the connections in the brain. For older people, learning a whole new skill improves memory function.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do like repair cars, use software, online tools, or learn archery, horseback riding, etc., start now because now you have one more reason to learn. about that skill.

7. Teach others skills.

In addition to learning new skills for yourself, teaching others a new skill is also a great way to exercise your brain.

After you learn a new skill, you need to practice it regularly to master it. Then, instructing another person is the best way for you to practice and correct mistakes.

8. Listening to music or playing music Exercises the brain.

If you want to strengthen your brain, try practicing a new instrument or regularly listening to your favorite music.

According to a 2017 study, when you listen to happy tunes, you create more creative solutions than when you’re quiet. That means music can help you boost your creative thinking and brain power.

If you want to learn how to play an instrument, now is the best time to start because the brain is capable of learning any skill at any point in life. That’s also why you’re never too old to learn to play an instrument like piano, guitar, or even drums.

9. Take a new path or try new ways of doing things.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut when doing any one task. Instead, be willing to try new things to do the same things.

Choose a different route to work each week or replace motorbikes with bicycles, use public transport… instead of driving yourself. These changes seem simple but have many benefits for the brain. At that time, the brain must also change, thinking how to adapt to new conditions and circumstances.

10. Quietly meditate to exercisefor the brain.

Daily meditation will improve your overall health. At that time, the body is rested, the mind is relaxed, stress and anxiety are minimized.

Not only that, meditation also plays an active role in regulating and enhancing memory.

Therefore, exercise for the brain does not require you to exercise your brain all the time like exercising your muscles. Instead, find a quiet place, close your eyes, and meditate to support brain function.

11. Learn a foreign language.

There is no denying that knowing more than one language brings many benefits.

Many studies have shown that people who are bilingual or more have better memory. They are also more likely to be creative. Not only that, people who are fluent in multiple languages are also able to process tasks faster and slow down the process of cognitive decline due to age.

According to researchers, at any point in your life, you can make yourself a learner of a new language. It is also a way for your brain to have more opportunities to practice.

12. Tai chi practice.

Tai chi benefits your health in many ways. It includes both physical health and mental health. Plus, when there’s a feeling that your life is out of balance, tai chi can help you adjust.

Practicing tai chi regularly will help you reduce stress, increase sleep quality and improve memory. Even long-term tai chi practice can cause small changes in brain structure. From there, this gentle exercise helps you increase brain volume.

You can learn about tai chi classes and clubs to learn from. Once you know the basics, you can practice anywhere, as long as it’s convenient for you.

13. Focus on others.

Next time, when you communicate with someone you just met, note at least 4 things about them such as shirt color, hair color, voice, wearing glasses, etc.

Another way to exercise the brain when going to a new place is to try to remember what is related to that place such as culinary features, cultural highlights, traditional costumes… Then write it down. what you have memorized.

Focusing on improving brain health with these 13 brain exercises just suggested is one of the best ways you can train your focus, memory, and agile thinking no matter what. at any age.


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