Eating forever without fat and the reason?


You wonder why people just “breathe the air and gain weight” while you eat all the time but don’t get fat? For people with a thin body, the goal of gaining weight to look fuller is indeed as difficult as a puzzle!

You may feel self-conscious when you have a weak and lifeless body that makes it difficult for you to communicate. Especially for men, you may find yourself unhealthy and small when supporting your loved one. You try to use any method to help you gain weight quickly without realizing the reasons why you eat all the time and don’t get fat.

* Why eat all the time and not get fat?

To answer the problem of why “eating all the time and not getting fat”, let’s find out if you are making common mistakes when trying to gain weight.

1. Eat all the time without getting fat because you don’t eat enough nutrients.

Some people often eat foods with nostalgia and nostalgia such as animal fat to gain weight. However, this is the wrong way to gain weight, leading to nutritional imbalance and making you eat all the time without getting fat.

You should add protein to the body because protein is the raw material to build muscle bundles to help skinny people gain weight thanks to a strong muscle system. You can add plant-based proteins such as spirulina algae, tofu, bean sprouts, soybeans, moringa vegetables and nutritious nuts… These foods both ensure adequate nutrition and help keep you healthy. You gain healthy weight.

Plant protein not only helps the stomach to easily digest and absorb nutrients, but also contains less cholesterol, which affects the amount of fat in the blood.

2. You eat erratically.

You can eat all the time without getting fat because you have an erratic eating habit, sometimes skipping meals, sometimes eating too much.

Not paying attention to the digestive system: Even if you eat all the time, if your digestive system is not healthy enough, your body cannot absorb nutrients. This is the reason why you eat all the time without getting fat. Therefore, taking care of the digestive system is a prerequisite to help skinny people gain weight and strengthen the immune system.

Skipping nutritious breakfast: Many people often skip breakfast to have the energy to eat at other meals of the day, especially dinner, to gain weight quickly. The habit of not eating breakfast will increase your risk of stomach pain because for a long time the stomach has nothing to contract.

Eating too much in one meal: Another mistake of skinny people is that they often eat too much in one meal, causing the digestive system to be overloaded and unable to convert food into nutrients. So, even if you eat a lot, you still can’t gain weight.

3. You eat unhealthy nights.

Many people often mistakenly believe that eating at night is the fastest way to gain weight because we don’t need to be active at night. However, this is an extremely wrong thinking. The habit of eating at the wrong time will increase the risk of digestive diseases that make you eat all the time without getting fat.

A common disease is acid reflux caused by eating late at night. It is a common disease, affecting 20-48% of the population of Europe and the United States. If you let your stomach sit full when you lie down, it will cause acid in the stomach to back up into your throat, making the symptoms of GERD worse.

If you have symptoms of acid reflux or want to gain a healthy weight, you should not eat anything within 3 hours of bedtime. Moreover, you should also avoid foods that are not good for your health or affect your symptoms.

The habit of eating late at night not only turns beneficial foods into harms and makes your body unable to absorb nutrients, but also disrupts sleep and upsets the digestive system.

4. You abuse weight gain drugs.

In order to promote weight gain faster, many people have not hesitated to spend a large amount of money on weight gain pills, but the truth behind may scare you.

Weight gain pills can help you gain a few kilos after a month or even a fortnight, but that’s only because of water retention and fat storage, not muscle growth that makes you eat all the time without getting fat. You can also put your health at risk if you experience the side effects of weight gain pills.

The method of supplementing the nutritional pyramid for thin people will be the safest way to help you gain weight naturally and sustainably. You need to focus on adequate nutrition from 4 groups of essential substances for the body: protein, fat, starch, vitamins and minerals.

There is no medicine on the market that can replace natural foods that provide protein for the body. Thin people who want to gain weight are best advised to supplement with nutrients from nature.

5. You are lazy to exercise.

Thin people often think that they do not have the need to exercise to lose weight, but these are harmful misconceptions that make you eat all the time without getting fat. The habit of regular exercise, in addition to enhancing health and increasing endurance, also helps to increase metabolism inside the body. A good metabolism will be the determining factor in your weight.

Practice habitsExercise will help stimulate you to eat more and eat more. However, you should not exercise too often with high intensity that makes it difficult for you to gain weight.

6. Eat all the time without getting fat because you don’t purify your body.

The body of a skinny person will accumulate toxic substances forever if you do not purify the body. This slows down your metabolism making it impossible for your body to absorb nutrients and helps in weight gain making you eat all the time without getting fat.

You should take advantage of the antioxidants available in nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits to purify the body such as dark green vegetables, ripe fruits, nutritious tubers and nuts.

  • In addition, the following 4 foods can also help you gain weight effectively:

– Healthy starchy foods.
– Foods rich in healthy fats.
– Protein rich foods for health.
– Foods that provide vitamins and minerals.

When planning to gain weight, you should build yourself a healthy diet to enhance your health. You should give up the unscientific way of eating that not only does not help you gain weight but also seriously affects your health. Be persistent with regular exercise and build a healthy nutritious diet, you will improve your physique as you want!

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