Methods to increase concentration.


   You need to increase your focus every day to work more efficiently and achieve more success in your career. How do you get the concentration like the archery masters hit every hit?

The skill to focus and maintain attention at work is not easy for most people. On average, Americans are exposed to an amount of information about 34 gigabytes and 100,500 words a day. For every 11 minutes of interruption, people take an average of 25 minutes to return to work, the ability to concentrate is impaired making it more difficult for them to absorb information on a daily basis.

To increase focus you need to know how to set goals according to the right motivation, thoughts and emotions. From there, you will stimulate the brain to prioritize the implementation of the set goals.

Let’s find out 5 ways to increase focus to help you increase efficiency and productivity!

1. Enhance concentration by decorating green spaces.

A natural environment can help improve and enhance your concentration. Research shows that exposure to green spaces can benefit children’s brain development.

In one study, children aged 4-7 years who had lots of trees around the house scored higher on attention tests. These results highlight the importance of expanding green environments in cities to support children’s health and brain development.

Green environment does not stop at benefiting children. Research has proven that trees can also significantly increase concentration and productivity in college and the workplace. Another study found that offices with lots of trees can increase employee productivity by 15%.

The presence of trees increases workplace satisfaction, air quality, and concentration levels. Therefore, you can learn about healthy indoor plants to decorate your office more green.

An office with lots of greenery promotes and enhances employees’ focus on work by helping to increase cognitive, emotional and physical abilities when working.

2. Avoid distractions.

In order to have high concentration, you need to limit the factors that can affect you. When you are working, just a vibration or music from your phone can make you lose focus. They tend to trigger thoughts that are not related to the work you are doing or “distract” the mind, which reduces work performance because you lose time both due to distracting thoughts and because Try to focus again.
To increase concentration, you need to limit contact with your phone, personal email or social networks. These are the top distractions when you work.

* Social media control.

About 2.8 billion people worldwide are using social networks and the vast majority of users have used it for personal purposes while working. Habits of using social media during work hours can adversely affect work performance and concentration. Therefore, you should keep all personal notifications in silent mode to avoid interference and enhance focus.

To increase energy and maintain focus, you should take reasonable breaks during work such as:

Mid-morning rest

Relax when you feel tired and find ways to stop being sleepy to be more alert

Take frequent short breaks to facilitate recovery, e.g. 50 minutes of intense work, 5-10 minutes of rest

3. An environment that enhances concentration.

Environment plays an important role in enhancing and enhancing concentration. A clean, tidy desk can make your mind feel more organized and think more clearly.

You can change your environment to facilitate staying focused with the following suggestions:

Design your own workspace: Just a few steps to adorn your desk with personal items can help you improve productivity and increase focus. One study found that people in a workspace with plants and pictures were 17% more productive than those in a regular office.

* Listen to classical Baroque music:

In a work-life study of doctors, it was found that listening to classical Baroque music improved mood, job satisfaction, and helped diagnose with greater accuracy, productivity, and enhancements. concentration.

Listen to natural sounds: Sound coming from the natural environment can be beneficial for concentration. Researchers say that when listening to this sound in the office, such as running water, falling rain, etc., can enhance cognitive ability and optimize concentration.

Growing rosemary: Research shows that people exposed to the scent of rosemary can improve speed and increase cognitive ability when working.

4. Enhance concentration by playing gamesi develop brain.

Problem solving exercises, brain training methods, and even video games can all have a positive or negative effect depending on the form you choose. Recent research has shown that people who often play word puzzles can have better brain function. This was investigated through a direct relationship between the frequency of word puzzles and the speed and accuracy of assessments of reasoning, memory, and attention.

The researchers say a method of increasing concentration training the brain called “dual n-back” has been shown to have a 30% improvement in working memory. Dual n-back is a proven brain exercise that enhances brain power by increasing working memory capacity and can increase IQ (intelligence quotient).

Brain games have been shown to induce changes in many areas of the brain. These regions are responsible for visual skills and the ability to pay attention and focus, making them more effective.

5. Boosts overall health.

Physical activity, dietary choices, and weight control are all factors that can affect your ability to focus. To improve and enhance concentration, you need to change 3 factors: food, physical activity and weight.

* Foods that support concentration.

To increase concentration, you should include walnuts, avocados and chocolate in your diet.

Walnuts: May improve performance on tests of cognitive function, information processing speed, memory, and concentration.

Chocolate: Or specifically, cocoa beans are rich in flavanols, compounds with neuroprotective effects. Flavanol can help improve cognitive processing speed, memory and enhance focus at work.


* Physical activity enhances concentration.

Research has revealed that people who practice sports have better cognitive ability, prolonged concentration than those with poor physical health. A study of older adults also found that exercise habits improved brain function. All participants who exercised between 75 minutes and 225 minutes per week showed higher levels of ability to focus and pay attention.

* Control your weight to enhance concentration.

Research has found a link between weight and improved memory and concentration. Overweight and obesity are factors that cause potential diseases that are harmful to health. Problems like high blood pressure, sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes are often caused by obesity, which can weaken the brain.

You should manage a healthy weight to enhance focus by maintaining a BMI between 18.5 – 24.9.

When you know how to increase focus, you will no longer have to worry about deadlines or work overtime because you haven’t finished the work. It can be said that this is one of the secrets of successful people that you can completely learn. Start today to make many new breakthroughs for your career!

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