Habit causes the kidney to contain stones.

Kidney stones are a common disease of the urinary tract, causing pain and discomfort for patients. Diseases can be caused by seemingly innocuous habits that we do every day.

* Eat foods containing calcium.

Stones are formed when we do not know how to regulate our diet, because eating too much calcium-containing foods causes the body to have an excess of calcium and from those excesses it accumulates into stones. But these stones are only found in the kidneys, or they are called kidney stones, and the disease is usually detected when the calcium level is not increased due to calcium absorption from the intestines.

If you do not eat foods that contain a lot of calcium, it is easy to cause an imbalance in calcium absorption, at this time your body will absorb more calcium than oxalate from the intestines and form kidney stones.

Should pay attention to foods with high protein content and too much protein, we should also limit eating such as: Eggs, sugar, salt, animal protein … and especially foods containing a lot of calcium should not eat much.

* Eat lots of eggs.

Eggs have many nutrients, including protein. When you eat too many eggs, the excess amount of protein provided to the body will create stones in the kidneys. Eating eggs also causes uric acid levels to increase and has a direct impact on stone formation.

Therefore, it is important to note that you should only eat eggs 1-2 times a week. With such a diet, it will not affect your kidney stone disease.

* Do not eat breakfast.

There are many reasons why office workers are “lazy” to have breakfast. Some people do not have time to eat because they rush to work, others because they lose weight, they do not want to eat. However, this seemingly harmless habit is the main cause of gallstones.

According to health experts, the risk of causing kidney stones due to not eating breakfast is quite large. This is because the body after a long night of rest needs to replenish energy. The gallbladder will secrete bile in the morning, preparing it for the digestion of food. If you do not eat breakfast, bile will not have food to digest, bile will stay in the gallbladder longer, for such a long time, bile will accumulate in the gallbladder and intestines, cholesterol from the bile will be secreted. easily form gallstones.

* Sedentary.

Regular physical activity brings a lot of benefits in helping to increase health, muscle strength and is very helpful for your kidney function. Therefore, being sedentary not only makes the body more tired but also the cause of kidney stones.

When you are inactive, the absorption of calcium becomes poor, which causes the amount of calcium excreted in the urine to increase, which is the main cause of kidney stones. More dangerous is that being sedentary will make your abdominal muscles less firm, loose, causing organ prolapse, compressing bile ducts, making bile not excreted, which will accumulate leading to kidney stones. Please regularly promote healthy and moderate sports activities.

* Frequent urination.

Will frequent holding of urine cause urinary retention and increase the likelihood of kidney stones and other kidney-related diseases? In addition, holding urine for a long time and often will cause urinary tract infections, bladder and urinary tract infections, reduce physiological function, and even cause infertility.

* Drink less water.

Many office workers are afraid to drink water or drink not enough. And this is one of the causes of kidney stones, if left untreated, there is the possibility of kidney failure. Experts point out that drinking less water will make the urinary system less work, the amount of urine stored, becomes concentrated, and the sediment increases, so it is easy to form kidney stones and urinary tract stones, kidneys. broken.

* Improper diet.

One of the main causes of kidney stones is an unhealthy diet leading to an excess of substances that are harmful to the kidneys. So to keep your kidneys healthy, limit and avoid the following foods:

Fatty foods, rich in protein and fat increase cholesterol levels, forming kidney stones.

Foods that are too salty (containing high levels of potassium and sodium): such as salty foods, salted fish… will put pressure on the kidneys and cause serious damage, the amount of oxalate in the urine will increase if you eat a lot of salt. increased risk of kidney stones.

Limit eating foods containing the above substances and replace them with fruits and foods low in potassium, sodium, rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the kidneys such as onions, papaya, kiwi, sapodilla…

* Poor personal hygiene.

Genital and urinary tract infections caused by inadequate hygiene increase the risk of kidney stones.

* Symptoms of kidney stones.

If you find yourself with the following signs, please quickly go to the hospital for a health check and be directed by a doctor for quick and proper treatment:

Severe pain, pain originating from the points of the ureter then spreading to the pubic mound and pain through the hips, back, in addition, accompanied by severe pain is vomiting.
Blood in the urine, when the stone is moving in the ureter, it causes burning pain and signs of blood in the urine.

Painful urination, pus or stones when urinating.

Fever, the patient has a high fever, accompanied by signs such as burning, pain, discomfort, the whole person has a feeling of chills…

* Some ways to prevent kidney stones.

The daily menu must be properly distributed, full of substances, not to eat too much of one type and too little of the other.

Drink water regularly, scattered throughout the day, a day should drink about 2 liters of water. Drinking water is best.

If you notice any abnormality in your urinary tract, you should go to the hospital for an urgent check-up.

Maintain clean hygiene, especially after giving birth, women must maintain hygiene, do not use dirty water to wash and bathe.

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