Lose weight fast by practicing dancing.


   You want to lose weight, you need to be active to burn calories, but you feel that exercising and doing sports is boring, the gym is crowded with people. So, instead of doing sports such as walking, running, kickball, soccer, badminton, cycling, gym … you should learn and participate in dance sports such as dance, hip dance hop, shuffle dance, or roller skating, dance….

These subjects not only help you lose weight, but also help keep your cardiovascular system healthy and especially it helps you have an extra knack to help you be more confident and shine.

1. Roller skating.

In the past, roller skating was just an uncommon recreational activity in Vietnam. In big cities, there are only a few rink locations, mainly for children or teenagers to have fun. Currently, many families consider roller skating a physical activity for their children, and when you go to school, you can also form a group to practice roller skating together. Now we will find out what are the benefits of roller skating.

* Firming buttocks.

If you are self-deprecating with sagging breasts or not bouncy, wearing jeans or tight skirts are not beautiful, then roller skating can help improve this. Of course, in the beginning, when you are not used to balancing, you will often fall and cause pain in the buttock area. However, once you have mastered the slide, it is the glutes and hip bones that will benefit the most.

* Slim your thighs.

With basic inline skating movements, you will see that your legs, especially your thighs, are always in motion, the muscles become firmer and promote the burning of thigh fat. Balancing and moving on skates will require you to focus and use more energy, so the efficiency of burning calories when skating will be higher than walking.

It is the thigh muscle that will be responsible for adjusting the direction when sliding, and also must keep the balance for the whole body, so you will immediately feel the soreness after the first training sessions, which means that the Love to lose weight has an early effect.

* Increased endurance.

If you still have low self-esteem that your fat body makes your body less supple and flexible, unable to perform difficult yoga movements, then after a period of roller skating practice, you will find this problem improved. markedly good.

Because the muscles must always be coordinated to keep balance when moving, the tendons in the body are also stimulated to move more actively, especially when you have to push your heels back to slide, helping to create momentum to slide out. prior to.

* Create a balanced waistline.

You will find that this is one of the most amazing effects of roller skating. Every time you slide, you will have to try to squeeze your abs to keep your balance, and at the same time tend to reach forward. When you want to change direction or stop, you also need to use part of your abdominal muscles to keep your balance, it can be said that almost never your abs can rest, but you do not feel tired. Just like regular abdominal exercises.

2. Practice Shuffle dance.

Shuffle Dance: is a street dance from Australia, Shuffle Dance mainly uses movement from the feet (hands to assist in posing) so it is quite easy to learn and suitable for both men and women. In addition to reducing colds, Shuffle Dance is also suitable for young people to perform when participating in music parties, going out to bars/clubs with friends.

* Shuffle dance is a very easy dance to learn.

Shuffle dance attracts great attention because of its simple movements, mainly using the legs, variations to the music, no consistent exercises, helping you to be creative. Combined with fun music, this dance helps you have effective stress-relieving moments, not only loved by young people but also attracted parents to participate in the exercise. For girls with long, flexible legs, this is the dance that helps show off all of this body advantage.

* Shuffle dance helps you burn calories.

Practicing Shuffle dance helps you burn fat and consumes a lot of energy to help you lose weight fast. Personally, I really like to practice Shuffle dance, this is a pretty easy dance to learn, it doesn’t require too difficult movements like hip-hop or flexible like dancing, you can learn the simplest moves from online videos. . When practicing Shuffle dance not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you to be confident when filling in more information about your forte, with simple movements you can also combine with a song. Music for daily practice already. I tried it and it worked, you guys should try Shuffle too.

3. Belly dance.

Belly dance is a term used to refer to dances of the Middle East and originated in Egypt. The name Belly dance is from the West, Vietnamese turned into “belly dance”. With basic techniques: shaking hips, shaking chest, walking belly waves … requires flexibility, flexibility, balance, good center of gravity and the ability to feel rhythm, music rhythm. All create the charm for the dance full of charisma and charm. The above two exercises are suitable for young people, this belly dance exercise will be suitable for parents who often have large breasts because of the effects after childbirth.

Benefits when you choose to practice Belly dance, studies have shown that it will burn about 300-400 calories an hour, helping to reduce the amount of excess fat around the hips and abdomen. Hip, arm, shoulder, rotation, figure 8 movements and muscle vibrations help maintain flexibility and flexibility of the muscles. For office workers, Belly dance reduces the risk of spinal diseases and increases body flexibility.

Belly dance is actually a movement of the whole body. You need to perform movements from the neck, shoulders, hands, hips, thighs to the joints of the wrists, toes… Therefore, all the excess fat in the hard-to-digest parts such as biceps, thighs… will also be resolved quickly. And what women want is to reduce belly fat extremely effectively, the waist becomes firmer and slimmer.

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