Healthy is gold. That is something we all understand. So everyone wants to have G, so taking care of your health is an essential need.

However, not everyone knows how to take care of their own health. Therefore, when taking care of your health, you need to adhere to certain principles. To ensure the best health for you, here are some experiences for you to have good health.

1. DIET.

You should know that at any age, diet is always a factor that greatly affects your health. Therefore, with a reasonable diet, women and mothers will improve their health and avoid many diseases effectively.

First: Absolutely do not skip breakfast. Because breakfast at the beginning of the day is always important, it plays the role of providing energy for your whole working day.

Second: Reduce caffeine: Because this substance will very badly affect your sleep, it deprives your body of energy as well as the ability to recover.

Third: If you want to maintain a healthy body, youthful beauty, the first thing you have to really care about is building a nutritional menu in a scientific and reasonable way!

.Fourth: Be diligent in monitoring the glycemic index: so that you can build your own menu suitable for your condition to ensure blood sugar balance. You should know that too high blood sugar will make your body suffer from many diseases. That’s why you should add foods such as nuts, vegetables containing magnesium, …

* Note:

– Do not arbitrarily supplement vitamins.
– Need to increase protein for the menu:


– Most of us have to go through bad times: for example, when you failed in your marriage, or when your job didn’t go as planned… That feeling makes you feel like the end of the world.

– But you know the good news is that everything is just a relative product! Then time will help them and it will pass. Maybe after a few hours, days, months or years, you will no longer remember why you are so upset. It’s really hard to be comforted until the unpleasant thing is over.

– So, sometimes you just need to change your perspective a little bit, it will make your mood better. If you feel sad or depressed, then think of small joys such as: Regularly meeting and talking with friends and relatives. Traveling with friends, exercising, sports…. to feel more excited.


Everyone knows the role of sport in life. Do you know if you have a habit of exercising regularly and practicing diligently. It will help you significantly improve your health such as: Improve blood circulation. Fights constipation, strengthens bones, improves cardiovascular health, reduces stress, eats better……….and countless other benefits.

So why don’t we start practicing right away. Remember to exercise as much as you can to make sure you’re healthy and sharper!


DO YOU KNOW: how important is sleep?

Sleep signals your body to release hormones and it also helps manage cravings. Besides, it helps to maintain the immune system and reduce the risk of diseases and improve memory. If you really have enough sleep (from 7-8 hours/night) it will bring a lot of good benefits to the body such as:

– Reduced appetite.
– Supports immune function
– Increased longevity .
– Improve brain, memory
– Lower risk of diseases


This is a job you absolutely should not ignore. Whether you have a disease or not, it is extremely necessary to take care of your health with regular medical check-ups every 6 months.

With environmental pollution and dirty food today, we can face many different diseases such as: blood fat, gout, respiratory and urinary tract infections or cancer diseases. Therefore, regular health check-ups will help you know your health status.

From there, it is possible to recognize the earliest symptoms of the disease. For quick treatment to limit the attack of harmful viruses. Therefore, you should go to the medical facility for regular check-ups to take care of your health in the best way!

6. ENJOY THE Atmosphere.

Fresh air: Make the most of time outdoors because it has so many effects on your body.

The first thing we can mention is that being in the sun will promote the synthesis of Vitamin D,

– Second: support to enhance absorption of calcium and phosphorous while helping to keep the immune system healthy.

– Third: When you exercise outdoors it can help you avoid some diseases such as: heart disease, stroke and obesity.

– Fourth: When you sit outside to read a book, it also helps you improve serotonin levels and effectively fight depression.


“Give” and “receive” IT is the same as “cause and effect” in Philosophy. The ancients also said: what you sow, you will reap. If you sow the seeds of love, you will reap the fruits of love. Whenever we help others, we are helping ourselves.

– As a human being in this world, not everyone is a perfect person. What is more important is that you need to know how to live a worthy human life. Honestly, life isn’t perfect. It is likened to a vase with many cracks. There are many people who do not know what to do with that cracked vase, but there are people who know how to use it to do a very valuable job.

– Did you know that: The meaning of this life is hidden in the most simple things such as the love and protection of parents or the intimacy of friends. May it be joy and strength when we face difficulties or dreams and hopes for tomorrow .

– Therefore, it is something that each of us needs to be able to nourish our souls more and more perfect. From there we can build a more beautiful life. The meaning of giving and receiving is only really valuable when it is built on the spirit of a human community filled with love and empathy. Not in a lonely, cold and lonely place.

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