Acupressure treatment for diabetes.


    Diabetes is very dangerous because it causes many complications for the patient. This is also a disease of the century that is being concerned by the whole world. The common ways to treat diabetes are usually diet and medication. However, now experts also encourage patients with diabetes to use acupressure massage.

So how does acupressure massage therapy for diabetes work and how is it performed? Let’s follow the next article.

* Effects of acupressure massage to treat diabetes.

Acupressure massage can reduce the symptoms of the disease as well as lower blood and urine sugar. Moreover, it also strengthens the body, reduces complications and puts the patient’s mind at ease.

* Instructions on how to acupressure to treat diabetes.

Step 1: Rub your belly.

Have the patient lie on his or her back, with the legs flexed. Use both hands to rub around the patient’s navel clockwise and counterclockwise.

Step 2: Acupressure.

Let the patient lie on their side, massage the back of the back. Then, use the tip of your index finger to press on the point between the chin and the cheek, the baihui point (the point connecting the two tops of the arms around the head), the tantrum point (the concave point in the eyebrow), the temple point (the concave point). next to the corner of the eye). Each huyejt executes within 30 seconds.

Step 3: Push the forehead.

Place patient in supine position. Stand behind head and use thumb to push patient’s forehead vertically and horizontally for 1 minute. Next, use your bead to push along the forehead, around the eye sockets, cheeks, and 2 chin grooves.

Step 4: Press the acupoint.

Place the patient in a supine position. Press the internal organs (between the first and second bones of the hand), Hoc Coc (the outer edge of the second bone on the hand), the Tam Ly point (3 cun from the knee on the outside) and the Tam Yin Giao acupoint. (on the medial side of the ankle in 3 cuns). Perform acupressure at each point for about 30 seconds.

Step 5: Squeeze the bladder around the edge of the spine.

Place the patient in the prone position. Stand by your side and alternately push your left and right hand forward. Simultaneously, stroke along the meridians around the edge of the spine from top to bottom. Repeat this movement for 5 minutes. Focus on acupoints: distance du (1.5 cun from the point between 2 pieces of vertebrae 7 and 8 on the outside). Can du (towards the midpoint between the 2 thoracic spines 11 and 12). Pi Du point (1.5 cun from the point between the two pieces of thoracic vertebrae 11 and 12). Du body point (1.5 cun lateral to the midpoint between the 2nd and 3rd abdominal vertebrae)

Step 6: Pinch along the spine.

Place the patient in the prone position. Use the index fingers of both hands to the sacral region and push the hand forward along the sloping pulse. Up to the 7th cervical vertebra, push and pinch. Do this movement 3 times and then pinch the skin to pull up 1 time. Repeat this movement for 3-5 minutes.

According to traditional medicine, these acupressure massage movements help the patient to circulate blood and dissolve stagnation. At the same time, balance the energy in the meridians and viscera. As a result, health is improved and disease is repelled.

According to traditional medicine, these acupressure massage techniques help to circulate blood, dissolve stagnation, and balance energy in the meridians and viscera. Thanks to that, the body’s own qi is enhanced, and diseases will gradually be repelled without realizing it

To reduce the symptoms of the disease, the disease should also be combined with exercise and diet for the best results.

Above are some guidelines on how to treat diabetes with acupressure that you can refer to for yourself and your loved ones.

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