Habits that make your health decline you should know.


    What habits do you have that make your health worse? There are many habits that help your body stay healthy, but there are also a few bad habits that you often get into that you don’t notice.

1. Brush your teeth after drinking coffee.

The truth is that the acids or sugars found in coffee, soda, or juice will eat away at our enamel. But don’t try to get rid of them right after you drink. When you brush your teeth right after eating or drinking, you will lose the acid and also the enamel, which will make your teeth weaker. Instead, drink water and wait about an hour before brushing your teeth. It’s even better if you brush your teeth before sipping your coffee and drinking your juice.

2. Skip water while drinking.

Red wine contains many substances that are good for teeth, but white wine contains more acids and tannins. They can damage enamel and stain your teeth. Alcohol also makes your mouth dry, which means you have less saliva to wash away acids and bacteria. To protect teeth and prevent staining, drink water after each drink.

3. Get into the pool without getting your hair wet.

Pool water has chemicals that damage and discolor your hair. Think of your hair as a dry sponge. If you don’t wet your hair with tap water before entering the pool, your hair will soak up more chemicals. It is best to wash your hair immediately after swimming in the pool.

4. You wash your hair too much or too little.

If you wash your hair too much, the main nutrients of the hair will be lost gradually and make your hair dull and dry. But how often to wash your hair depends on your hair type. For straight and healthy hair, you can wash it daily if oil and dirt accumulate a lot. However, experts recommend washing your hair every 2 to 3 days. For thick and curly hair you can clean it after a few days or a week. Ask your stylist about your hair care routine and the right products for your hair.

5. Skip the conditioner.

Maybe you worry that conditioner will weigh your hair down. Or that you don’t have time for a rinse. But without conditioner, your hair will be dry and dull. To keep strands looking shiny and strong, apply a generous amount of conditioner each time you wash your hair. Apply conditioner to the ends (leaving the roots) and massage gently with your fingers.

6. Pick your ears.

You may feel comfortable doing this, but the cotton swab will actually push your earwax deeper. You could even damage your eardrums or the tiny bones that help you hear well. So how do you clean your earwax? Ideally, you shouldn’t do anything, your body will do it on its own. But if you feel your ears are full, you always hear a humming noise in your ears. Or you have trouble hearing, see a doctor. Your doctor will decide how safe to remove earwax for you.

7. Use deodorant to prevent perspiration.

Deodorant can hide body odor, if your underarms are wet and smelly then roll on deodorant is just what you need. It will prevent moisture by blocking sweat glands. Can you use them after showering every morning? Please read the user manual carefully. Some products are recommended for use at night, while others are recommended for when your skin is dry. If you have sweat on your palms? You can also use deodorant for your hands.

8. Do not change the razor.

If you’re using a razor that’s worn out, you’ll have to move the razor several times to get an area clean. That action will create small cuts in the skin as well as swelling, damage and clogged pores. After 5 or 7 uses of the razor, or every time you shave an area of your skin, you should change your razor.

9. Taking too long a hot bath.

Hot water will dry out your skin. If you have eczema on your skin, taking a hot bath will make the disease flare up. Skip taking a hot shower or a hot tub for too long. You’ll notice that you’ve been in a hot bath for too long when your skin turns red. And you feel hot when you step out of the bathroom. Bathing for too long will also affect your health.

10. Scrub face skin.

You don’t have to scrub your face to get rid of daily dirt. What your skin needs is a gentle massage with your fingertips with a gentle cleanser. Wash your face once or twice daily with warm or cold water. Check the packaging of cleansers and avoid those that contain alcohol or are abrasive to your skin. Simply clean your skin completely.

11. How you use skin care products.

Besides a gentle cleanser, dermatologists say the other essentials are a good moisturizer. And an effective sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. Precious essences with unproven side effects or toners can make your skin dry or irritated. If you have acne, you should avoid using products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

They can combine and cause skin irritation. If drugstore acne treatments don’t work for you, see a dermatologist.

12. Use soap in sensitive areas.

Skip scented soaps and disinfect sensitive areas. Because they can unbalance moisture and eliminate beneficial bacteria. Likewise, you need to avoid using products that contain dyes, scented wipes, and deodorants. All you need is a suitable product and gently wash the area every day.

Hopefully, these shares will help you avoid the bad health habits that you often have.

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