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Limit esophageal reflux.


   The mouth is full of sour taste, the acid level is high, the stomach is hot, and the heartburn is constant: such is reflux oesophagitis, and one of the most common diseases.

Regurgitation is a partial movement of the contents of an acid-filled stomach toward the esophagus. This condition is especially dangerous when it occurs at night. The process of regurgitation provokes a burning sensation that is very noticeable in the chest, especially in the area behind the sternum.

In the supine position, acidic foods stored in the stomach for a long time will increasingly trigger inflammation in the esophagus. Left untreated for a long time, this inflammation can be the source of stomach ulcers and can even lead to esophageal cancer… Eating foods that are too spicy or eating too much is often the source of the problem. this hot flashes.

To calm the stomach, the most useful measure is to lie with the head very high on the bed to help balance the reflux, if it occurs during the night, do not let the food stay too long in the stomach. Otherwise, it will very easily lead to the consequences of this chronic disease.

To prevent acid attack at night, you should not eat anything for two or three hours before going to bed, lie down with your head elevated, if necessary, lose weight and limit alcohol and coffee consumption, reduce salt and both. smoke again. Compared with non-smokers, those who smoked cigarettes for five years or less had a 20% higher risk of developing this condition. Children who smoke for more than 20 years have a 70% risk of developing esophageal reflux disease. This could also be the ratio of those who eat too much salt!

Tobacco and salt consumption are the two most important factors in the development of this condition. Besides, eating too fat and being obese. Tea, coffee, chocolate, mint, and alcohol do not play a significant role in the development of GERD.

As a precaution, people are often advised to cut back on delicious meals, reduce fat, drink lots of non-carbonated water, eat slowly and chew food well, avoid wearing tight clothes, change breaks later. Lunch is nearing the afternoon, the time is enough for the food to be consumed. The risk of esophageal cancer is 11 times higher in cases of nocturnal reflux than during the day.

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