Application of AioT.


   What is AIOT? This is a very new concept and is interested by many people today. Accordingly, AioT is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). They are powerful technologies put together into AioT (artificial intelligence of things). This is considered as the central brain that processes the digital system in artificial intelligence.

* What is AIOT?

To understand what AioT is, you need to understand the internet of things. This phrase refers to all devices connected to the internet, recognized by other devices, and processed data and information. These can be mentioned as refrigerators, sensors, wearable devices or digital assistants …

* What parts does AIOT include?

– AI technology: artificial intelligence has the role and ability to remember commands or daily routines.

– IoT technology: is used to connect things together when those things are all connected to the internet. In a nutshell, humans will be able to connect to remote devices and control them in another location.

* Uses of AioT in life.

AioT is a strength on the internet, and is also an extremely useful tool for many applications that use it in life.

– In commercial shopping, AioT application is used to analyze customer behavior. When customers walk in the door, it can automatically push ads for essential products or marketing specials to customers and product locations.

– Smart home and office management: many buildings or offices use smart sensor technology, it will automatically monitor and analyze in the area or in the room with a large number of people and to adjust itself. temperature or light to suit the room. In companies, they will use facial recognition technology to manage personnel or people entering and exiting the company, and higher is the combination of cameras with AioT to closely recognize the faces of people in the company.

– Smart monitoring: many countries around the world use AioT technology to monitor traffic. Traffic police instead of having to stand on the street to handle situations, they use drones or cameras installed at traffic light poles. The devices will observe the traffic and then update the analysis data for remote streaming. From there, adjust the time of the indicator lights accordingly to avoid traffic congestion, helping vehicles to circulate more easily and quickly.

* Benefits of AIoT for customers.

With insights and deeper data analysis, customers get a much better product experience.

– By taking into account behavioral patterns and personal preferences, personalization becomes key.

– Valuable health products such as vitreous tracking wearables can operate with greatly improved efficiency, enhancing the customer experience.

– Better overall product performance and faster access to better versions.
Predictive learning helps train algorithms to perform redundant end-user tasks, such as ordering to fullfill or monitoring system health.

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