Best credit cards of the year 2020

With the U.S. economy still in operation, the credit card company has spent the last year locked up in the fierce competition for the borrower. That means if you take the time to look at, there are some pretty sweet trades out there. Moreover, the types of rewards you can earn have also been expanded, with more privileges being adjusted to fit the new American digital spending routine.
If you have cards and shopping paradise for a while, you might be surprised at how generous the rewards have become – especially since the moment of lean after the financial crisis. Brian Karimzad, co-founder of said, the average referral bonus on the travel rewards card doubled over the top of the previous decade.

The spending categories help you earn the top rewards that are also growing. The release audience has long provided reward acceleration that allows you to earn multiples of miles, points, or back cash on certain spending categories like airplane tickets or grocery stores. While those transactions are still, the card company has more generous with the definition of several categories, especially when it comes to online shopping.

Whether you are a seasoned earning person who is looking for the best credit card rewards or just get wet legs and look for the first credit card best, rest assured that there is a good option for you. Indeed, with the aid of a wide credit card database MagnifyMoney, MONEY has combined through the top credit cards to find the best credit card transactions no matter what type of card you are looking for.

New ways to earn accelerated rewards

The best travel credit cards have long been offering enhanced rewards for travel-related expenses like flights and hotel bookings. Now, cards like the Wells Fargo Propel American Express and Uber Visa cards are expanding what is supposed to be related to travel to include sharing at home and by car. It also occurs in dining. The growing number of cards delivers advanced rewards for orders received or carried away as well as meals.

Pass on the definition of eating to take away, opening up definitions of taxi costs for performances and transit – they are really trying to capture for thousands of years, says the lime Karimzad. Elephants with millennials, it has more on-demand jobs.
Nowadays, the best credit cards also recognize the increasingly digital mobile life that their customers have, with the protection of mobile phones being considered a new benefit in the card on a wide range of categories. And although Apple came up with news at the beginning of the year with the introduction of Apple cards, this is not the only publisher encouraging digital purchases. Some reward cards now offer accelerated rewards for purchasing online media Services or subscriptions, online purchases, or digital wallet usage.

The Wise Cash Wise Visa Visa provides a higher percentage of rewards for digital wallet purchases made in the first year and Apple will continue to receive additional rewards for purchases of Apple App Store and Apple Wallet. Amazon Business Prime American Express offers acceleration rewards not just for purchases on, but also on AWS, Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud-based services division.

Credit card companies are trying to reach the next generation and every generation has a change in habit, according to Karimzad. Similar strategies, different preferences.

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