Can I Get FEMA Subsidies for Generators?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is responsible for coordinating the government’s disaster response. Because of frequent power outages during these events, FEMA has launched a generator reimbursement program. FEMA does not provide up-to-back grants to individuals and families, but this program will allow you to receive a refund for the cost of a generator if a natural disaster occurs where you live.

FEMA Eligibility Requirements
A disaster zone was established when the governor of a state declared a disaster and requested assistance from FEMA; disaster areas are sometimes expanded after the fact. The timeframe for the generator reimbursement program begins on the day the disaster is declared and ends on the day of the return of power. Generators purchased before or after these days are not eligible for FEMA refunds. An exception to the date restrictions is when a person has a recorded health condition where a lack of electricity can cause a life-threatening condition.

All generator chargebacks are processed on a case-by-case scenario. You need to prove your complaint by providing FEMA with rental or purchase receipts and, if applicable, your medical information. If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements for a refund, sign in to sign up.