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Cancer and the truth.


     In Vietnam, every year there are about 150,000 new infections, causing 100,000 deaths. Only about 30% of cancer cases that come to the hospital for timely detection and treatment should be cured or prolong life.

There are still a lot of misconceptions about common beliefs about cancer today. The reason is that our understanding of this disease is not very complete. Moreover, word of mouth information is quite common among Vietnamese people, especially in rural areas, making our information and knowledge about cancer more or less misleading. The following information from Professor – Dr. – Doctor Nguyen Sao Trung will help us better understand this disease.

* Myth: Cancer is considered a disease that “gods to everyone”. People with cancer are said to be certain of death.

* Fact: Cancer treatment results are quite optimistic thanks to people’s awareness of early disease detection, skilled doctors, and adequate machinery and medicine. Many cancer cases are detected at an early stage, so the chance of cure is more than 80%.

The effectiveness of cancer treatment depends on when the disease is detected. Cancer treatment depends on many factors such as: age, health status (with other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, other cancers) but the time of detection is a decisive factor. Cancer in general can be viewed as a systemic disease rather than a localized disease. Therefore, cancer is often treated with multimodality, in which surgery and radiation will reduce the risk of local recurrence. As for systemic treatment, killing cancer cells that have metastasized, there are chemotherapy, hormone therapy and molecular targeted therapy…

* Myth: The use of apothecaries from Crinum latifolium or the combination of Eastern and Western medicine is a faster and more effective way to treat the disease than just using drugs and surgery.

* Fact: Medicines made from Crinum latifolium Crinum latifolium as well as some other functional foods made from plants and animals such as papaya leaves, bear bile, rhinoceros horns, blood of cobras, vipers, Shark cartilage, bear bile, rhino horn… only help to nourish the body, improve vitality, increase resistance to disease, but cannot treat disease. World medicine has warned that using functional foods can reduce the effect of chemical treatment. Therefore, only after cancer treatment should we use functional foods that are clearly certified and tested.

The combined use of both Eastern and Western medicine in treatment in my opinion is not good, beneficial and harmful because using a combination of some drugs will have incompatible physical and chemical properties, which can be toxic to the body.

* Myth: Preventing cancer is “impossible”

Fact: Since all cancers are caused by lifestyle, we can prevent the disease by living a healthy lifestyle, eating less fat, being active, avoiding obesity, and living an optimistic life.

Scientists found that a high-fat diet, snacking, eating a lot of red meat and burnt fat, drinking water containing alcohol, a sedentary life, and obesity are factors that facilitate the disease. development letter. In order to effectively prevent disease, it is necessary to increase the intake of green vegetables, fruits, cereals … Besides, should practice a sport or exercise regularly, keep the weight appropriate for the height. In the industrial era, people need to find a way to relieve stress, stress, live optimistically, love life to limit toxins for the body.

* Myth: A blood test can accurately detect cancer.

Fact: A blood test can detect some cancer-related substances in the blood, but no single blood test can reliably detect cancer early. For example, an elevated CEA level may indicate colon cancer, but it may also be due to ulcerative colitis, or a patient smokes a lot, and an elevated AFP may have liver cancer, but it may be because Hepatitis.

The best way to detect cancer is for patients to have time to discuss their health, personal and family history with their doctors. On that basis and through the process of checking, examining, learning, about living habits (eating, exercising, playing sports, vaccinations…) the doctor will advise the patient to practice Which tests are appropriate for the age and risk of the patient?

* Myth: In breast cancer treatment, the hospital only undertakes to treat all cancer cells, but if you want to regenerate the breast, you need to go to big cosmetic centers.

* Reality: The technique of conservative surgery and breast reconstruction has been performed very well in large hospitals. After a mastectomy, the patient may suggest that the doctor restore the shape of the breast with a breast reconstruction surgery. Reconstruction is possible immediately after mastectomy or several years later. If there is a need for breast reconstruction, the patient should discuss it in advance so that the doctor will advise the best method. Breast implants can be used or the patient’s own muscle tissue can be used.

The method of using breast implants is relatively easy and fast, even plastic surgeons can do it, not most required an oncologist. But note that the price of breast implants is quite high, not everyone can afford to use it. As for the method of using muscle tissue, the doctor will use the skin and tissue behind, along with the back, abdomen, buttock muscles … to regenerate the breast. This technique is very complex, requiring skilled surgeons to treat the cancer as well as to reconstruct it.

Breast implant placement is beautiful initially, but 10 – 20 years later, the breasts will no longer be symmetrical because the implants tend to stay in place on the chest wall while the breasts naturally change with age and body weight. The use of muscle tissue often leaves a scar where the muscle is taken, but the breasts are not disproportionate later.

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