Does technology affect life?


It is the development of the information technology industry that has marked people entering a new stage of development. More modern, smarter, more convenient. But besides the benefits that technology brings, there are also negative effects on our lives. So how does technology affect people’s lives? Let’s find out through the article below.

* Positive effects of technology on life.

The advent of science and technology, along with advanced scientific inventions, has completely changed the face of human life. Smart phones, computers, air conditioners, robots, card payments, mobile phones, cars, self-driving planes, etc. are advanced and intelligent inventions of mankind. Marks a new era of development in human history.

The introduction of advanced scientific and technological equipment has promoted economic and social development. These devices help people solve work quickly and efficiently without having to spend too much labor.

Phones not only help us connect with each other, keep in touch with each other, but also help us entertain, do business, pay,.. Smartphones become an indispensable means in our lives. we. Not only phones, the advent of computers has helped people solve work quickly. Moreover, the computer is a tool to help people make money effectively, but the internet is indispensable. The Internet is an effective aid for people to generate income. Therefore, phones, computers, and the internet cannot be separated and must always go together.

With modern inventions such as airplanes, self-driving cars or convenience stores without sellers, have brought people many benefits. It was these inventions that marked man entering a new era of development. Advanced technology devices, gradually replacing people working, no sellers, no drivers, housework has robots, turning off and on light bulbs has A, ..

However, there are always many negative sides to the great benefits that modern technology brings. So what are those negatives, let’s find out in this part 2.

* Impact of technology on human life .

Besides the positives that technology brings, we cannot deny it. But besides the positives, there are always negatives. Technology makes you more lazy, sometimes makes you selfish and “crazy”. You don’t want to do housework, you use the robot to do the work for you, while you sit and listen to music, watch movies. You become selfish and crazy when your computer or phone is “stagnant”, the internet is slow and can’t load. That makes you angry and mad for no reason with your phone, computer.

Technology makes you lose sleep, destroys your biological clock. Because people always have the habit of using their phones before going to bed, or watching movies before going to bed. It is that habit that takes away your sleep, the habit of sleeping late will destroy your biological clock. Not only sleep, your health is also seriously affected, high risk of cancer, obesity, depression, psychological instability and memory loss.

Technology – the risk of unemployment, underemployment. No need to do housework, no need to hire drivers, fly planes, don’t need sales people, collect money. It all seems to be replaced by technology, which affects many people’s lives, unemployment, no work means not earning money to cover life.

Through this, we can see that the development of technology has brought people completely new changes. But it also brings people many unnecessary consequences, affecting the health, life, and spirit of people. Therefore, we must know how to use technology properly, so as not to affect your health, as well as your spirit and life.

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