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Drinking water removes uric acid from the blood.


   Gout is a disease that occurs when the concentration of uric acid in the blood plasma is too high. Gout is caused by a high-fat diet, lack of exercise, or being overweight or obese.

Big toe is swollen, red, painful, this is the first sign that warns you are at risk of gout.

If you are suffering from this disease, there is an extremely simple drink recipe that will help you “squeeze” excess uric acid in the blood from the body. Natural, inexpensive ingredients that anyone can make.

* Ingredient .

– 1 large slice of lemon.

– 3cm fresh ginger.

– 1 medium sized cucumber (cucumber).

– 2 stalks of celery.

* Perform .

Step 1: Wash all ingredients.

Step 2: Cucumber, sliced celery, squeezed lemon juice, minced ginger.

Step 3: After preparing all the ingredients, put them in a blender, puree, so you have completed the recipe of the gout-removing drink.

* How to drink .

The mixture is obtained, drink it immediately after, do 1-2 times a day like that.

Do not worry because this formula is derived from nature, safe and does not cause side effects compared to other methods.

Therefore, you can rest assured to drink every day until you feel less pain.

* Why is it effective?

Cucumber juice has a multitude of health benefits, namely, lowering the body’s temperature, having alkalizing properties and effectively helping to remove uric acid from the joints.

When drinking this formula water, the first day you will feel a slight pain in the joints, don’t worry, this is a sign that the ingredients inside are working.

For your health, do it today .

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