Drinking water that has a beauty use.


According to the development of modern technology, today the drinking water source is created from the type of water filter with smart filtration systems not only used to drink, but also used to beautify. It’s a miracle, but maybe you still haven’t trusted it completely? So let’s find out now!

* Why does Kangen electrolytes have beauty use?

Science has demonstrated ion and alkaline electric water to help you beautify and maintain long-term beauty. Should drink alkaline ion electric water frequently to care for beauty from within. At the same time, it helps the body to remove toxins, slow down the aging process, … especially alkaline ion electrophoresis also gives us a better and fresh health every day. Therefore, Japanese people drink electrolyte water every day, helping to maintain their youngest age.

Kangen electrolyte water with hydrogen molecules (also known as natural antioxidants) gives users great uses such as:

– Slow down cell aging
– Make your skin radiant because Hydrogen neutralizes free radicals and slows the aging process from which you look younger
– Reducing free streaming, compartment causing disease
– Increases resistance
– Preventing chronic diseases: diabetes, gout, fatty blood, cancer, cardiovascular …

Why does the Kangen electrolyte have such great uses so great? It is thanks to the ultra-small water structure clusters that bring the following great effects:

– Helps cleaning cells, purifying residues that are harmful outside.
– Drink poisoning beer: Drink first, during and after drinking alcohol will help you get more alert.
– Transporting nutrients very quickly and effectively for cells.
– Improve blood circulation.
– Water helps to remove the body toxins outside.
– Drinking water for fast water supply for sports practitioners, high intensity workers.
– Water except toxins with the human body.

* Beauty skin with electric water solution pH 4.0 – 6.0.

Ion and alkaline water helps to neutralize excess acids in our bodies, thereby bringing the body to natural equilibrium. In addition, you can use pH 5.5 acid ion electrolytes as daily wash water or combine with roses to spray very well for the skin.

In particular, right now you should practice for yourself the habit of using electrocardiograms Ion acid pH 5.5 instead of using tap water to wash your face. Because tap water is at risk of very high chlorine, penetrating into the skin or combined with cosmetics will harm skin and health. PH 5.5 acid ion electricity is a water source that does not contain excess chlorine. The same ultra-small water structure will help you wash your face clean, balance the pH and water supply for extremely effective skin.

PH 5.5 acid electrophoresis is a light acidic water, which works to kill and tighten pores. You can rest assured to use this water to replace common roses that you still use. This combination will help you limit chemicals when taking care of your skin, making young skin, better and more beautiful.

The use of acid ion electrical water has pH from 4.0 to 6.0 as mineral sprays to supply water and moisturize the skin. You should store electrocardiotropic water pH 4.0 to 6.0 in a small spray bottle to be able to take anywhere and easy to use. To bring the best skin care efficiency, you should replace water every day to achieve the best skin care efficiency. In particular, you should only use the skin, not to drink!

* Electrolytes have the effect of treating damaged hair?

The electrolyte water source is considered one of the “holy” water sources extremely rare, because this is a very good water if we maintain and use regularly every day. Not only healthy when Drink, which electrolyte has a way to beautify the skin and improve the damage to extremely effective and safe hair. But how to use the most right is the important issue?

You should use electrocardiotropic water pH 5.5 for normal hair, not damaged, use this water to wash your hair daily. Electrolyte water has a light acidic 5.5 that helps close the face of the epidermis, retaining the nutrients provided to the hair. At the same time, return the natural state to the hair and help the hair increasingly smooth and strong. PH 5.5 acid electrophoresis can be combined with light acidic shampoo and air conditioners to increase efficiency when used.

Like the skin beauty method, you can also use electrocardiotropic water pH 4.0 – 6.0 such as moisturizing water for hair. To create more convenience, you can store this water in a small spray bottle of about 50ml to spray anytime, anywhere.

* Owning the electrolyte water source?

The excellent effects of electrolyte water are not only recognized by many users, but even scientists have also have studies and recognition of this miraculous effect of electrolyte water.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya shared: “Kangen water is an alkaline electricity produced by the filtration and electrolysis system. I believe typeThis country can play an invaluable role in helping to clean and regenerate cells “.

Don’t search for a remote electrolyte water source, if you really wish to own a lot of water, it will appear in your home itself. A kangen electrolyte water purifier will help you improve the water source you are using. This is not just a machine that gives you a clean water but also provides electrolytes that have a great beauty effect.

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