For sale: The Hyperscaler server is used from Amazon, Facebook

With superpower service providers overhauled their data center devices with the latest technology, they’re selling their old equipment, potentially more powerful than most businesses are used today.
A reseller of IT hardware plans used for the marketing of data center devices has ceased operations from supermarket operators such as Facebook and Google.

ITRenew has announced this plan at the recent Open Computing Project (OCP) conference, promising to sell full servers previously owned by major operators, refurbished, warranties, and configurations for the use of turnkeys such as Web serving and Kubernetes.
The announcement of an OCP in line with the project’s objectives to enhance the open design, high-power, energy-saving data centers with the expertise of selling IT hardware is used as a system instead of components. Selling equipment to service providers and mainstream businesses will drive the cause of data center hardware that can be interchangeably and avoid proprietary vendor locks.

Bill Carter of the OCP, said Carter Carter, has an increase of retired devices because of the massive growth of supercomputers, who want to put newer, stronger devices in the same space instead of building new spaces. With the core number of Intel and AMD skyrocketed, the 2U server from 2020 is much more powerful than 2U since 2018.

And Carter note, right now, a lot newer devices are being used in IT.
He said that the entire resale of the server was made even a year ago; Recycling equipment has been sold at the component level. When you have these huge data centers that operate 100,000 units per year, you’ll also take out tens of thousands of old devices each quarter. Now I can set up an assembly line to revamp it, he says.

Ali Fenn, chairman of ITRenew, also noted that the cycle of the hypersensitivity refresh was very strong. Many of these supermarket operators have no warranty, she said, because they do not need the support. If a server is corrupted, there are tens of thousands of backup servers and they just need to take it out of service and replace it.

The devices sold by ITRenew and OCP come from some original design manufacturers (ODM) such as WiWynn and Quanta selling unbranded devices for supercomputers. ITRenew turns it into a scale device for the wider global market and naming them the Sesame of ITRenew. It doesn’t use devices from large OEMS such as HPE and Dell.

ITRenew integrates the necessary components for the telecommunications companies, service providers and the main business, renews and re-certified all equipment, and provides a three-year standard warranty with the option of six years.

This is the advanced, high-performance, proven technology and failure rate we see on par with new equipment. Consider this equivalent to the BMW confirmed, pre-owned with five thousand miles on them, “she said via email.
Prices depend on configuration, but ITRenew generally indicates a total cost of ownership lower than 40-50% compared to equivalent OEM devices.

Fenn said that ITRenew’s customers are mainly 2/3/4-level service providers, businesses that make private clouds, and telecom companies globally. Most of the common workloads include multiple Web applications, Kubernetes, virtualized, convergent, and AI/ML environments.

Customers may be the ones who want to access the ODM device but are still not able to obtain due to the inability to provide adequate solutions, and to serve and support smaller customer scales than the super-intensity, she said.
More ODM In addition to brands like Inspur and WiWynn only sell for superstrength level 1 (Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc.) but do not attempt to build sales teams to sell to the business. After all, when you have half a dozen customers buy a quarter of millions of servers each month, why bother?

Refurbished devices are sold through the OCP market on its website.
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