Google teases the August 3 launch of the long-awaited Pixel 4A

Google’s next budget phone, the Pixel 4A, may only be available in a few days. The company posted a teaser on its online store, saying that Google is just what you are waiting for the phone to be revealed in August.. To unlock the entire message, you need to click on the different boxes until the colors match the Google logo: blue, red, yellow, blue, green and red.

Google has also updated some of its social media images (like the title for a Twitter account created by Google) with a small circular cutout, which appears to be a clear reference of 4A screen, has holes for selfie shooter. You can find some photography references in all the text of lorem ipsum, on the Google Store page, such as low lowenaena ,, bokehus, and megapixel megapixels. The camera has always been a powerful device for Google phones, and the Pixel 4A will carry forward at a much lower price than the Pixel 4. That standard is rumored to be $ 349, which will knock down the iPhone SE Apple’s.


The wait for the sequel of last year, Pixel Pixel 3A has been going longer than expected.In May this year, the Company canceled Google’s I / O developer conference, expected to mark the Pixel 4A announcement, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.. But earlier this month, the device turned on the Google Hay website after the company posted the wrong image on its store. That’s the first real suggestion that 4A really, really will be coming soon – and now Google has confirmed that it’s less than a week ago.According to previous leaks, the phone will have a 5.8-inch OLED screen and will be powered by Qualcomm chipset Version 730. Other expected specifications are 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage. and the 12 megapixel camera will give very similar results to the top Pixel 4.

Pixel 4A