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Great logical thinking exercise.


   When you have logical thinking, you will easily learn new things, achieve your set goals or win the trust of others. The training of coherent logical thinking is also a necessary skill for you to arrange your life more smoothly and conveniently.

Besides training your emotional intelligence to avoid excessive stress, you also need to train your mindset to live a more planned and productive life. Moreover, rational thinking will help you limit emotional damage. So do you know how to train your logical thinking yet?

1. Train logical thinking by reading books.

Do you find yourself constantly brainstorming while reading the detective Sherlock Holmes cases or following the adventures of Professor Langdon in Dan Brown’s stories? Over a period of “exercise”, your brain will become sharper and more responsive to difficult situations. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to learn a lot from the sharp and rigorous reasoning of the characters in the book.

2. Train logical thinking with games.

You will sharpen your logical thinking with some games like crossword puzzles or sudoku. When doing crossword puzzles, you must not only learn the necessary knowledge to answer the questionnaire, but also find a way to think so that the answer fits each row and each column. You can rejuvenate your brain 10 years old with sudoku because it requires a lot of analytical and computational abilities.

In addition, you can also find interesting puzzles to enhance your thinking ability to solve every day. Whether the answer is correct or not, you will also have many opportunities for brainstorming. These games are “brain exercises” that help you think logically more effectively.

3. Train logical thinking by exercising.

Studies show that physical activity will help you have better memory and reasoning ability. According to Harvard Health Publishing, exercise reduces insulin resistance, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the release of substances beneficial to brain cells.

You don’t need to spend an hour at the gym, just walking or jogging for 20 minutes is a workout for both a healthy body and mind. You can also take advantage of taking the stairs to the company office every day to take advantage of the time to increase the time for exercise.

4. Train logical thinking with classical music.

Recently, scientists have proven that the habit of listening to classical music will help you develop very good intellectual abilities. Besides, classical music also helps you reduce stress and relax better. You can try listening to Beethoven symphonies or music by Johann Sebastian Bach.

5. Train logical thinking through social relationships.

You should train your logical thinking and train your brain by chatting directly with your friends around. Healthy social relationships are important to keep your mind sharp. When you talk with people, you will learn more new knowledge as well as have more perspectives to consider issues.

6. By arguing.

Civilized debates don’t cause disagreements, they help you maintain your brain health. When you argue, you have to think to find new points, analyze your opponent’s arguments, and remember all the evidence they present. So to practice logical thinking, don’t be afraid to sit down and talk to your friends if you both disagree on an issue.

If you don’t want to argue with others, you can argue with yourself by writing it down. You can choose any topic you like such as education, philosophy, parenting… For example, if you are wondering about the topic “Should I move out to be more free?”, think of it yourself. 5 reasons I should move out and 5 reasons I should stay with my parents and write them down on paper, then evaluate the pros and cons of each.

7. Train logical thinking by being creative.

Do you remember how I fell in love with doodling or building lego houses when I was little? In fact, these are activities that help you train your brain power very well. So, if you want to practice logical thinking, you should start creating art by drawing pictures, writing stories, composing music… Feel free to create what you like, don’t worry about any judgments. Which one belongs to someone else.


Pen and paper are no longer common when you can now take notes and text through your phone or laptop. However, you need to realize one thing that these smart devices will also make you lose the opportunity to practice logical thinking. Taking notes by hand will increase your ability to learn new things as well as focus, abilities that help you think sharper every day.

9. Train logical thinking in a new language.

Whatever your age, you can fully afford to learn a new language to boost brain function. According to studies, people who learn a new language have a very good ability to concentrate. You only need to spend about 1 hour/week to learn new vocabulary or sentence structure of the language you likeEnough to have a more logical way of thinking.

10. By learning math.

Learning math doesn’t mean you have to take arithmetic or geometry tests like you did in school. You also don’t need to solve difficult problems in too complicated advanced math books. Instead, you just need to take advantage of the opportunity to do mental math when shopping, going to the market, receiving salary, paying for meals … This is a very effective brain exercise that you should not ignore.

If you persist in practicing logical thinking, you will gradually have logical thinking and sharper thinking, even if you are not excellent at drawing, slow in mental calculation, or have not yet mastered the new language. A coherent way of thinking will help you organize your life more planned, work more efficiently, and no longer easily get emotionally hurt.

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