Habits damage the brain.


    The brain is the control center and the most important part of the body. But did you know: many of our seemingly innocuous actions seriously damage the brain!

Let’s identify 10 bad habits that are ravaging your brain:

* No breakfast .

Skipping breakfast to lose weight or save time is an extremely wrong action and bad for your brain. This leads to the brain not being provided with the necessary nutrients, thereby accelerating brain degeneration. Not only that, people who don’t eat breakfast or have an unhealthy breakfast often have low blood sugar and sometimes it’s the cause of being overweight.

* Working while sick.

The brain is a sensitive part of the body and is very vulnerable. The results obtained from many studies show that working or thinking too much while sick can be harmful to the brain. When we are sick, the brain will be weaker and excessive brain activity will make the brain stressed and tired. In the long term, this will adversely affect memory and impair brain functions.

* Cover your head while sleeping.

According to experts, covering your head while sleeping can lead to memory loss. Covering your head prevents you from breathing as much air as you normally would. Instead of inhaling oxygen, you will inhale carbon dioxide. This increases blood pressure inside the skull, which in turn leads to hypoxia and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

* Eat too much .

Overeating not only makes you gain weight, but also harms your physical and mental health. Eating a lot and unhealthy will increase the amount of fat in the body, which can lead to hardening of the brain arteries. And as the brain arteries become increasingly stiff, it reduces mental strength.

* Smoke .

Smoking is especially harmful to the brain. The harmful ingredients in tobacco impair the ability to judge, learn and think. Over time, smoking also causes memory loss and can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

* Eat a lot of sugar.

Eating too much sugar is not only harmful to general health but also impairs brain function. Sugar disables the action of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) – an important growth hormone of the brain. This hormone helps nerve cells maintain a healthy state, prevents cell aging and plays an important role in maintaining brain function.

* Not getting enough sleep.

Less sleep accelerates brain cell death. Sleep gives the brain rest and is also the time for the brain to regenerate information. Lack of sleep or sleeping less than necessary will inhibit brain development, which leads to impaired thinking, concentration and many other dangerous problems.

* Drink less water.

Water is our main source of energy, 70% of our body depends on water. Water is essential for the functioning of the brain and brain neurotransmitters. Brain cells need 2 times more energy than cells in other parts of the body.

Water and brain functions are closely linked, even though our brains don’t store water. Drinking less water can cause dehydration and affect brain function. This leads to stress, anger, fatigue, depression and demoralization.

* Alcohol abuse.

Drinking too much alcohol damages brain cells and limits the connection between brain cells. Alcohol also inhibits the growth of brain cells and slows down the repair of damaged cells. This will lead to problems with memory, coordination and many other dangerous problems.

* Saving words.

Amazingly, being quiet also affects brain activity. According to experts, when we talk less, we can face stress, depression and this is not good for the brain. In fact, studies have found a lot of evidence that communication is essential to increasing brain efficiency.

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