Healthcare in the 4.0 era.(1)

Thanks to technological advances that develop at breakneck speed, the medical industry has achieved amazing achievements.

Here are eight trends in healthcare and technology that are using exponential technologies to maximize their potential:

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help diagnose diseases.

The Institute of Medical Services has created an in-device artificial intelligence system capable of analyzing blood test results, medical records and 3D echocardiogram results to diagnose the risk of heart failure (HF) – heart failure). After the analysis is complete, this device will predict the patient’s ability to prolong life with 80% accuracy; compared with the average doctor’s correct diagnosis rate of about 60%.

Thanks to scientists’ deeper understanding of artificial intelligence and access to more medical records, we can see significant advances in diagnosis and increase the rate of correct diagnoses. .

2. Regeneration of human body parts.

Researchers in London were able to stimulate the self-repair of large cavities in teeth by being able to differentiate stem cells from the tooth pulp. Using a small amount of Alzheimer’s medication and a collagen sponge, the scientists were able to regenerate new dentin (the building block of teeth) in a span of two weeks.

New York-based biotech company RenovaCare has deployed a trial of burn treatment technology by dispersing the patient’s own unharmed stem cells into a hydrophilic solvent and then spraying it on the burned skin to Stimulates new skin regeneration. This method helps doctors to handle quickly, more effectively and at a lower cost in the treatment of burns.
Advances in stem cell research, when combined with gene editing, data analysis, and artificial intelligence, will allow them to work more effectively especially in stimulating regeneration. parts of the human body.

3. Advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The American Cancer Society announced that the number of people dying from cancer in this country has decreased by 25% since 1991. Despite many unhealthy habits in life such as smoking rate. has decreased dramatically, but advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment technology have helped doctors detect and treat cancer at an early stage. This actually results in better outcomes for the patient.

Microsoft has launched an ambitious 10-year “cancer treatment” project that combines science and engineering fields such as biology, biomedical engineering, and computer science to reprogram. ) against cancer cells.

4. Diagnose health conditions faster and easier.

Scientists in Israel have built a device capable of diagnosing 17 different diseases just through breathing. Using artificial intelligence, the device is pre-programmed to detect specific manifestations of each disease including cancer and neurological diseases through volatile compounds in the patient’s breath.

Today scientists continue to combine many different fields such as artificial intelligence, materials engineering and nanotechnology. Therefore, we can fully expect great improvements to help diagnose diseases more timely and accurately.

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