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Healthy, beautiful with activated carbon.


  With a special structure produced on advanced technology, activated carbon has the ability to remove hundreds of chemicals harmful to humans. Today, activated carbon is used both in skin beauty technology.

Humans have known how to use activated carbon thousands of years ago. During World War I, people used activated carbon as gas masks to prevent chemical poisoning for soldiers. By the 1930s, activated carbon was used to treat water, making it odorless, tasteless and safe for domestic use. 1g of activated carbon has a huge specific surface area, equivalent to 500-1500 square meters. It is the large surface, together with the hollow structure, that creates the extremely strong absorption capacity of activated carbon.

In order to have activated carbon, fresh bamboo is put into a furnace using special technology to remove other components in bamboo, leaving only carbon. This process also helps to create an extremely porous surface to “trap” all kinds of toxins and dirt. As a result, activated carbon has been used in medicine and is an indispensable ingredient in new beauty products today.

+ Mix activated carbon with a little water and cornstarch to apply on bee stings, spiders or venomous snakes.

+ Emergency detoxification in case of taking too many drugs and toxins such as mercury, lead… Activated carbon prevents absorption, digestion and increases the elimination of toxins from the body.

+ Sprinkle activated carbon powder on your toothbrush while brushing to see whiter teeth in just a few weeks.

+ The skin is a sensitive organ of the body because it is constantly exposed to and directly affected by the external environment. Besides, women have a hobby of beauty, often abuse makeup, accidentally making the pores become suffocated, prone to inflammation, and darkening of the skin. Polluted residues, makeup residues in contact with the skin and go deep down into the pores causing congestion, reducing oxygen is the direct cause of aging skin, the appearance of many wrinkles. wrinkled. The most basic care and protection step is to clean the skin with face washes with activated carbon technology.

+ If you want to make your own eyeliner gel, mix one tablespoon of activated carbon with two tablespoons of coconut or olive oil in a jar. When needed, you use it like a regular eyeliner gel.

Activated carbon can also be taken orally to reduce bloating, abdominal pain, and nausea. Activated carbon has the ability to absorb excess air, repelling this uncomfortable situation. However, this is not a method that can be used every day, but only in emergencies.

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