Help your baby to be smart and healthy right from the womb.


   What to do, what to eat to help your child be smart and healthy right from the womb is the concern of most pregnant mothers, especially those who are first-time mothers.

To have smart, beautiful children, the first thing needs to be healthy. Therefore, during pregnancy, regular antenatal care is an indispensable job for every pregnant woman.

It is recommended that every pregnant woman should go to antenatal care at least 8 times during her pregnancy. Through this process, pregnant mothers not only know the development of the fetus but also promptly detect the risk of birth defects or dangerous complications that may come to the pregnancy as well as the delivery process. In particular, pregnant women need to especially remember the following important antenatal check-ups:

– Weeks 11-13 of pregnancy: An antenatal checkup to measure nuchal translucency helps detect the risk of Down’s disease.

– Weeks 21 – 24: Pregnancy examination and screening tests for birth defects, detecting abnormalities in some parts of the fetus’s body.

– Weeks 30 – 32: Pregnancy check-up to detect late-onset abnormalities in the fetus, locate the placenta, the status of the umbilical cord, amniotic fluid,… to prepare for the time of labor

* The secret of a pregnant mother to help give birth to a smart, healthy baby.

Answering the question of what to eat for pregnant women to make their children healthy, smart and beautiful is actually quite simple, because it is all in your daily dishes.

* Good food for young brains.

The most important nutrient for fetal brain development is omega-3. Omega-3 is necessary and good for the brain and eyes, and helps to harmonize signals in the nervous system. To be good for the brain, nutritionists recommend that pregnant women eat more iron-rich foods because iron deficiency during pregnancy can impair brain function in the baby.

These nutrients are often found in foods that are easy to find such as: sea fish, vegetables, egg yolks, grains, seaweed… these foods are not only good for the brain but also can be healthy. help children strengthen resistance and improve the function of the immune system later.

* Food helps children have beautiful and smooth skin.

Pregnant women can actively eat foods containing vitamin C to prevent dark pigmentation of the skin during pregnancy, making it easier for the baby to have smooth and white skin in the future. Natural vitamin C is often found in foods such as tomatoes, grapes, tangerines, squash, onions, garlic, apples, pears, etc. In particular, apples are rich in vitamins that not only make the skin white and smooth, but also supplement it. Nutrition for anemic pregnant women.

Besides, pregnant mothers should eat more foods containing vitamin A, because the vitamin can protect cells on the skin, making the baby’s skin later smooth and shiny. Vitamin A is found in foods such as animal liver, eggs, cow’s milk, carrots, green vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils…

* Food helps children have smooth hair.

Wanting to have a baby with smooth hair, pregnant mothers can completely turn their wishes into reality by supplementing with B vitamins, which are abundant in foods such as lean meat, fish, animal liver, milk, bread, beans, etc. eggs, sea grass, sesame, corn and green vegetables. These foods not only make your baby’s hair shiny, but also smooth and healthy.

* Food helps to grow taller.

According to nutrition experts, genetics only affect 23% of the baby’s height, so mothers can completely improve the baby’s shape at birth by properly supplementing calcium and vitamin D for the body. This vitamin can promote bone growth, making height increase. Mothers can see this most clearly in babies who eat a lot of nutrients from dried shrimp, egg yolks, and animal liver, the baby will grow very quickly.

* 2 misconceptions about diet for pregnant women need to be abandoned soon.

* Fasting during morning sickness.

Vomiting due to morning sickness often occurs during pregnancy, making many pregnant women uncomfortable and tired. Many people believe that, when fasting, the body is not loaded with food will not vomit anymore. However, this greatly affects the health of both mother and fetus, which can lead to maternal exhaustion and fetal growth retardation.

To reduce morning sickness, instead of fasting, pregnant women should divide meals and change the way food is processed.

* Eat for two.

With the thought “pregnant is eating for two”, pregnant women often try to eat a lot. This leads to a state of “unlocked weight gain”. This is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart problems, stroke, secondary infertility, depression and several other forms of cancer.

In addition, the baby is too large, making labor difficult. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy makes the journey to lose weight after giving birth more difficult and longer..

According to experts, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, women only need the same basic energy needs as before pregnancy. After that, pregnant women need to add 200 kcal / day in the second trimester and 300 more kcal / day in the third trimester to meet the development of the fetus.

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