How to find private investors for real estate

Real estate professionals often suggest using someone else’s money to increase your investment leverage. You can see that private investors are not involved in the daily aspects of building or managing real estate. Private investors often want to engage as silent partners or capital providers. Using a variety of resources, you can find private investors to fund your real estate development projects.

Step 1
Join the investment club to find private investors for real estate, many of them listing their activities online. Use real estate investment club networking sessions to discuss funding opportunities for the properties you want to buy. Ask real estate investment club members to provide contact information to private investors in your area.

Step 2
Find classified newspaper advertisements looking for private real estate investments. Call private investors to make your funding request for the types of properties you plan to buy. Get detailed information about the terms and requirements for some investors. Add private lenders that offer beneficial terms to the list of resources for your real estate transactions.

Step 3
Inform your colleagues of your private investment needs to fund real estate transactions. Use social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook to identify contacts that share real estate interests. Ask about private loan sources used by social media members within your influential range. Ask members on your social network for private lenders to contact you or ask them to provide phone numbers to private investors with whom you can call about real estate transactions.