How to get an ownership

Property ownership is a document that shows information such as the owner’s name, purchase price, date of purchase, and a brief description of the property. Each property owner should have a copy of his/her ID. If you don’t have this document and need to know where to find it, all property records are public information and you can find it at your local tax assessment office.

Step 1
Visit your local tax assessment office.

Step 2
Use the real estate map in the tax assessment office to help you find the parcel number for your property. The maps should be placed on a counter in the office. You will need the tax code of the property to get ownership of the property. Write down the parcel number.

Step 3
Go to the service desk and let the person sitting behind the table know that you are there to get a copy of ownership of your property. You will need to provide the tax parcel number and pay a small fee, but you will receive a copy of the property sovereignty paper before leaving.

Always keep important documents, such as ownership, in a safe and secure location that you will not forget. The rules forget a copy of ownership may vary in your town. Contact your local tax assessment office for more information about real estate ownership. Avoid going to the tax assessment office during lunchtime. You can buy a copy of the ownership from the website of your local tax authorityand save a trip to the office.