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How to improve your memory.


    Memory enhancement is always of special interest. Because memory plays an important role in learning, work and life. In addition, enhancing memory also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Here are 5 simple ways to boost your memory that you can do every day.

1.Use your non-dominant hand.

Every day you use your dominant hand to do everything as a natural reflex, not requiring high concentration and attention. But try to do the opposite, eat with chopsticks, brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand, write with your left hand… Then your brain has to move more, increase blood flow to the brain and help improve memory.

2.Hold your hand.

Clenching hands will help strengthen memory. It sounds hard to believe, but this has been proven by specific studies by scientists. Researchers have shown that squeezing your right hand into a fist and squeezing it a little harder makes it easier to remember a phone number or shopping list. Then, when you want to recall the information, make a fist with your left hand.

The researchers explain this is that when the fist is pulled back, it helps to induce movements that activate certain areas of the brain that store and remember things that have happened.

3. Read aloud the mnemonic.

Scientists have found that telling yourself what you want to remember makes it easier to recall it. So, if you want to remember a lesson, or anything, don’t read it silently, read it out loud, you’ll memorize it faster and longer.

4. Eye movements.

According to researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, practicing eye movements can increase your long-term memory by up to 10%.

Specifically, the eye movement exercise is as follows: When you want to remember something, move your eyes from side to side for 30 seconds. When you forget something you have left behind, or forget your parking space, try this exercise.

5. Yoga practice.

Yoga not only helps to improve health and flexibility of the body with basic exercises such as regulating the body, deep breathing, but also has movements to help concentrate, to easily calm the mind and release. stress and improve memory.

A study published in the American Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that practicing yoga improves memory. Specifically, if practicing yoga for 20 minutes a day helps to improve memory and train concentration better than practicing on a treadmill.

Moreover, yoga exercises will help the muscles stretch, making the practitioner feel more comfortable. The combination of breathing and meditation exercises calms the mind, relaxes the body, and remains highly focused.

In addition to performing the above movements to enhance memory, you should focus on the nutrition in your meals, adjust your work and study schedule so that it is reasonable, regularly exercise, play sport.

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