How to share Steam games for free.


Good games on the Steam platform are loved by many people. However, there are many games that require payment, which makes many gamers afraid. To meet this need, the Steam Family Share feature was developed as a way to share Steam games so that many people can play the same game on many different accounts.

* What is the Steam Family Sharing feature?

With this feature, gamers can share the games they own on the Steam platform, including free and paid games for many different accounts. Players can also log into an account on multiple devices simultaneously such as a PC at home and another laptop at work.

How to share Steam games with this Steam Family Sharing feature allows users to share up to 5 accounts and 10 devices. However, this feature still has a limitation that these accounts cannot be logged in to play the game at the same time, but can only play 1 on 1 account. That is, if 1 player is playing and someone else has access to that account, the other person will be disconnected. To solve this problem, you can use the Offline Mode feature to play the game in offline mode.

* How to share games on Steam Family Share requires Steam Guard activation.

To use the Steam Family Share feature, users first need to activate the Steam Guard tool. Steam Guard is known as an extra level of security for Steam accounts. Usually the first account security level is the username and password. Next to the second level of security is Steam Guard, which makes it harder for Steam accounts to be taken over.
When you activate Steam Guard, if you log into your Steam account on a new device, you will have to provide a special access code to verify your account. Depending on Steam Guard settings, users may receive a verification code from an email or on the phone’s Steam app.

* To set up Steam Guard security, do the following:

Step 1: Log in to Steam and at the main interface select Steam >> Setting >> Account in the upper left corner.

Step 2: Next, select Manage Steam Guard Account Security.

Step 3: At the next interface that appears, choose to receive the Steam Guard code by phone or by email.

Note, if users choose to receive Steam Guard codes by phone, they need to install the Steam application on smartphones.

After completing Steam Guard security settings, you can start sharing Steam games for free by activating Steam Family Share as follows:

From the main Steam interface, select Steam >> Setting >> Family >> click on Authorize Library Sharing on this computer >> select the account you want to share the game on Steam >> select OK to finish.

Finally, you log out of your account and choose to log in to the shared account above to see if the sharing was successful.

If you want to cancel this game sharing feature on Steam, just do the reverse of the steps as follows: Open Settings >> Family >> Manage Other Computers.
Here will display a list of devices and Steam accounts that you have authorized or shared. When you want to disable your account or revoke the shared game rights, you just need to select the Authorized (Revoke) item at Sharing Status and you’re done.

* Some notes when sharing games on Steam Family Share.

– The game owner account and the shared player account must be logged in on the same computer for the shared account to be able to play the game.

– Account sharing or login can only be authorized on up to 10 devices and 5 accounts.

– Two player accounts cannot play the game at the same time. The account holder sharing the game will be allowed to continue playing and the shared account will be disconnected from the game.

– This feature allows others to play the shared game without affecting the game or the gaming achievements that the account holder has achieved. The player who is loaned the game will play the game from the beginning completely.

How to share Steam games for free with Steam Family Share is interesting and useful, isn’t it? So if you also own a Steam account and want to share games with your friends, try this feature right away, you will surely enjoy it.

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