Medical Laboratory Technology.


   In recent years, Medical Laboratory Engineering has received the attention of many young people standing in front of the university door. Find out the basic information about this field in the article below.

* What is Medical Laboratory Engineering?

Medical testing is a profession of modern medicine, it is an essential step in the process of diagnosis and treatment more effectively. This method is implemented by using machines and equipment to analyze patient samples such as blood, fluid, feces, urine… to detect and provide accurate information about the patient. From the test results, the doctor will make a diagnosis and give timely treatment to the patient.

Although this is a relatively new field in our country, at present, the field of medical testing has become an indispensable part of the medical examination and treatment process. It can be said that the birth of Medical Laboratory Technology is a great step in the history of medicine, helping to improve the efficiency of medical examination and treatment.

The main purpose of medical testing is to provide information about the patient’s condition, and at the same time predict the risk of disease to take better preventive measures. There are several types of tests such as: kidney biopsy, liver biopsy, synaptic test, blood group test, X-ray test, total blood cell analysis, test to evaluate glomerular filtration rate…

At universities and colleges Medical laboratory is a major that trains engineers and doctors to perform the work of inspecting and monitoring aseptic regulations, using biological products, specialized chemicals, and ensuring safety. Biosafety in the laboratory. After graduating, students will know how to proficiently operate machines and equipment to conduct tests and analyze and evaluate results so that doctors can accurately diagnose each patient’s disease.

* Duties of Medical Laboratory Engineering.

In medical facilities, people who do medical tests are called Medical Laboratory Technicians. They will perform a number of specific tasks as follows:

– Instruct the patient to take samples such as blood, fluid, stool, urine, etc. to ensure the correct technique and sample quality.

– Mix chemicals, prepare reagents used in testing. Prepare equipment, tools and machines to perform the testing process with correct technique, ensuring accurate test results.

– Statistics, storage of test results, then transfer to the required departments. Besides analyzing, commenting and explaining to medical staff and doctors about test results.

– Adjust and re-check the accuracy of techniques and test results. Maintain, clean and maintain instruments and chemicals used in testing.

In addition, highly qualified and qualified Medical Laboratory Technicians can also participate in scientific research and professional development in specialized fields. In addition, testing technicians working in the field of preventive medicine can work in disease prevention and health promotion in the locality.

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