New technology expectations in cancer treatment.


   The successful testing of new technologies by researchers has opened up hope in the treatment of cancer patients.

Specifically, Israeli scientists say they have used the breakthrough technology CRISPR/Cas9 to kill cancer cells in mice without harming other cells. This is a gene editing tool that allows scientists to make precise changes to DNA.

CRISPR/Cas9 will kill cancer cells in the body by precisely identifying and eliminating cancer cells. In addition to removal, geneticists can also add or change parts of the DNA sequence to see if it could be useful.

At the same time, using a lipid nanoparticle delivery system, the researchers found that CRISPR-  Cas9 significantly improved the survival rates of mice with glioblastoma and ovarian cancer. metastatic eggs without leaving any side effects.

Reportedly, the study focused on two types of cancer, glioblastoma (GBM), which causes brain and spinal cord tumors, and metastatic ovarian cancer. Results in hundreds of mice showed that the new therapy doubled the life span and increased survival rates by 30%.

However, Professor Dan Peer, a member of the research team from Tel Aviv University, said that human trials are expected to be conducted within two years.

However, it is an innovative treatment for dangerous cancers for which there are currently no effective treatments. “We believe that a cancer cell treated in this way will never work again,” emphasized this expert, and hoped that the new technology would prolong the life of cancer patients, as well as the life of cancer patients. alternative to chemotherapy.

As can be seen, targeted molecular inhibitors and immunotherapy are considered to be the most effective ways to treat cancer. However, recurrence rates are high and resistance is increasing for most cancers.

In addition, most current cancer drugs require repeated use. This increases the toxicity, the cost of treatment and especially seriously reduces the quality of life of the patients, indicating the need to find new therapies.

Recently, a team at the University of Zurich has developed a technology that not only causes cancerous tumors to self-destruct, but can also eliminate the SARS-CoV-2 virus in human lungs. By using technology called SHREAD to control cancer cells and tumors, scientists have introduced the modified Adeno virus into the human body.

This respiratory virus has the ability to trick the immune system and provide instructions for the genetic code for antibodies to directly target cancer cells. After that, the tumors began to produce a series of “self-destructive weapons” in the form of antibody cells. Ultimately, the antibody will eliminate the tumor, while having only a negligible effect compared to traditional cancer treatments.

Another important element of the technique is that the therapeutic agents are mainly active locally and do not travel elsewhere in the body, said Sheena Smith, who led the research project at the University of Zurich. , thus helping to keep healthy organs and tissues from suffering any damage. This operation is likened to a high-precision guided weapon,” she added.

Currently, the modified Adeno virus is used in the vaccine against acute respiratory infections COVID-19 from Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Sputnik V. The researchers believe they can create one. Nasal spray delivers Covid-19 antibodies into lung cells to kill infected cells through SHREAD technology.

If clinical trials are successful, this will reduce costs and increase access to treatment for patients, while also reducing the supply of vaccines, replacing them with antibody sprays.

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