Pileus helps businesses cut spending on their cloud

If you’ve ever worked on a project like this, you’ll know that these reports are only as good as the tags you use to identify each project and resource, so Pileus prioritizes its platform. , with a tagging tool that helps enforce tagging policies. My team and I spent many sleepless nights working on this solution, said Roni Karp, CEO of Pileus. We are then delighted to finally be able to release Pileus to the public and help people to be more effective in their cloud experience while helping them understand usage and cost better. ever.

Pileus currently offers a free 30-day trial. The service then shows you a price of $ 180 / month or $ 800 per year, but when you connect your account, it will charge 1% of your savings, not the default price. You will see at first.
However, the company focuses on individual businesses. It also targets managed service providers who can use the platform to create reports and manage their own customer invoices. Karp believes that this will become a significant source of revenue for Pileus because there are currently not many good tools in this area, especially for Azure.

It’s no secret that Pileus is launching a crowded marketplace where famous incumbents like Cloudability share their thoughts with the growing number of startups. However, Karp believes that Pileus can stand out, in large part due to its machine learning platform and ability to provide users with instant value, while he argues, it often takes weeks for platforms to work. Other platforms provide results.