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Prevention and prevention of obesity.


    Struggling to find ways to lose weight when the body has gained weight is just “cure”. Why not “prevent” by knowing and doing what needs to be done to avoid gaining weight?

The insatiable passion for food destroys all the meaning of the noble culinary function of heaven. Eat to be full first, that is to maintain health. Next, it is delicious to eat, ie to satisfy the taste. Those two instinctive factors make up one of the many happiness that only humans can enjoy. Sa Da can’t control his mouth and stomach before the dishes are the gate leading to obesity. And once he gained weight, the battle became much more intense, like a battle with any kind of addiction. Therefore, defending from afar before the body circles change stats is a wisdom that should be ranked at the top of the list.

* Spot high-risk situations.

Some people suffer from binge eating because of a weak heart, unable to resist the temptation of some circumstances. Whoever is alert and detects the hidden danger somewhere soon can remove a conspicuous goal in the anti-obesity match. Maybe, they will know to prepare a low-fat dessert to bring when they know they will be invited to dinner at their husband’s house, where there is never a shortage of butter sandwiches at the end of the meal. Or if you go to the movies with your husband and children, the kids can’t do without popcorn, the woman who knows “prevention” will carry in her pocket a few low-calorie candies or vegetarian popcorn. There is often a rule that “the chef is afraid to eat” because he is exposed to too many dishes every day. Those who diligently go to the kitchen to prepare dishes that are suitable for their own taste but with few factors that cause weight gain (wheat flour cakes, low-fat Yogurt, fruit cocktails or mixed vegetable oil with enough vegetable oil, etc.) will be avoided. struggling to lose weight later.

* Beware of herd habits.

Daily social interaction is also a weight gain factor if you don’t know how to avoid it. People often eat more if they see other people doing the same right in front of them. Who knows defense from afar will make a habit of making friends with people whose activities are not centered around eating. They may be a group that prefers walking in the park, cycling to enjoy the scenery, playing landscape games or doing gymnastics rather than eating and drinking.

The occasion of being invited to a restaurant is both difficult to refuse and a challenge for those who are prone to problems with weight gain. It is necessary to know the battle formation from the front line… the menu. Let’s quickly surf to the beneficial “army” to fight the “enemy” of fat, which are high-fiber vegetables, meat and fish dishes with good protein. It’s still not enough, you need to pay attention to the level of servings that are just right for you, lest you be forced to eat everything in the plate.

* Eat with a place and a place.

The secret to “prevention” also lies in the frequency and place of eating. Eating small meals regularly throughout the day not only helps maintain stable blood sugar levels but also helps people avoid falling into overeating. While watching TV, sitting in front of the computer and sipping something will make people eat by inertia, beyond the level of familiarity. Sitting properly at the kitchen table, knowing what he is about to enjoy, being clearly stimulated by the taste, the arrangement of the food… everyone will know to stop when they are full and feel good.

* No pain, do not take medicine.

The enemy lying in the most dangerous area when confronting the “danger” of obesity is psychological obsession, the illusion of his battle position. The media is now flooded with diets. Remember, these are actually remedies for obesity, not a vaccine against weight gain. Being too strict about eating and drinking for fear of three rounds of transformation is easy to cause potential inhibitions. A study from the University of Louisiana gave a rather funny warning, “Just sitting and counting calories and wondering how to choose a diet when the body is still slim will sooner or later become fat, especially for people who are overweight or obese. single”.

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