Radishes for health in the fall.


   Autumn is also radish season. Radish is considered as “winter ginseng” thanks to many great uses for human health. In addition, radish also helps you to eliminate the discomfort caused by the weather in autumn and winter. Here are the great benefits of radish in the prevention of common diseases in the fall

* Antibacterial, relieve sore throat.

The natural spiciness of radish itself also helps with digestion. People who often have a blocked nose and sore throat in the winter can eat radish to feel more comfortable.

Chop white radish into juice, prepare a thin cloth or take a cotton swab dipped in radish juice, then stick it into the nostril. Do it 2-3 times, each time about 5 minutes, the symptoms of nasal congestion will naturally disappear.

* Improve dry skin when changing seasons.

Eating radish leaves has the effect of beautifying the skin. Because radish leaves are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C … can prevent skin aging, prevent the formation of dark spots, keep the skin white and soft.

In addition to vitamins, the fiber content in radishes is also quite a lot, especially the vegetable fiber in the leaves is richer. These plant fibers can eliminate constipation, eliminate toxins, thereby helping to improve skin, avoid rough skin, reduce acne …

* Boiled radish – better than stomach medicine.

Vitamin C in radish can help eliminate waste in the body, promote the body’s metabolism of old and new, especially white radish or radish is rich in catalysts that promote digestion.

Normally, the catalyst has the ability to absorb starch in food, the more it can neutralize food stored in the stomach, has a very good digestive effect, preventing stomach pain and stomach ulcers.

* Eat raw radish – lung laxative.

Radishes have a certain cooling effect in treating coughs and laxatives, especially in the winter, some people often have a lot of dry phlegm, and the lungs are not comfortable, at this time eating a little radish will have a good effect. therapeutic effect. Eating raw radishes just adds water to the body, can be diuretic, beneficial for health.

* Radishes relieve joint pain.

This is because radish has a diuretic function, can be used to eliminate inflammation, antibacterial spicy can also activate tendons and bones, effectively reducing pain.

In winter, if you have muscle aches or joint pain, you can directly take the peeled radish, apply the peel to the painful area, or put the radish peel in a cloth bag to apply heat. When you have a toothache, you can put a hot pack on the skin on your cheek, you can also use a cotton swab dipped in radish juice and apply it to the painful tooth.

Radish cures cough for a long time, is the best food among vegetables, rich in nutrients, rich in B vitamins and many minerals, in which vitamin C content is 10 times more than pears. . In addition, radish has anti-viral and anti-cancer effects.

Beetroot has many great uses in beauty and health in the fall that you may not know!

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