Signs of heart disease are easily overlooked by women.


   Heart disease in women does not always show the usual sign of angina for us to recognize. This disease in women is more difficult to detect than in men because the symptoms are not clear and are less noticeable.

Here are 7 potential symptoms of heart disease in women – if you experience one or more of these symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible:

1. Fatigue.

Fatigue becomes a common condition for many people, the cause can be due to insomnia, fighting a virus, labor or being affected by a side effect of medication. If you are experiencing severe or unusual fatigue, this could be an early symptom of heart disease or a warning sign of heart disease. In one study, more than 70% of women surveyed experienced significant fatigue in the days and weeks before a heart attack.

2. Difficulty sleeping.

Although this symptom is not difficult to recognize, it does include any unusual disturbance, going on for a long time, not just being awake until morning. A recent study revealed that almost half of women who experienced a heart attack experienced sleep disturbances in the days or weeks before having a heart attack.

3. Difficulty breathing.

You have trouble breathing deeply, but don’t think you have asthma. Severe, unexplained shortness of breath during normal day-to-day activities is one of the early symptoms of heart disease in women.

4. Heartburn and indigestion.

You can’t always blame a meal that’s too fatty or too spicy or sour for heartburn. Nearly 40% of women who had a heart attack reported that they had experienced heartburn and indigestion shortly before the heart attack. Signs of heart disease in women may also include nausea or vomiting. Women are twice as likely to experience stomach problems as men when they have heart disease.

5. Restlessness, worry for unknown reasons.

More than a third of women reported experiencing extreme anxiety as an early manifestation of heart disease. This sign can impede life-saving treatment. If you suddenly feel unusually anxious for no reason, see your doctor for a checkup.

6. The pain is widespread.

Although sudden chest pain is considered a classic symptom of heart disease, only about 30% of women report experiencing it. Women reported feeling pain and discomfort in other areas of the body before or during a heart attack. Pressure, spasms, pain or burning in the upper back, neck, shoulders or arms, or even the jaw or throat area can also be signs of heart disease.

7. Dizziness and sweating.

Nearly 40% of women with heart disease reported lightheadedness and dizziness, and 40% of women reported cold sweats. You can easily ignore these 2 symptoms because you think they are symptoms of menopause, but suddenly feeling lightheaded can also be a symptom of a stroke. So to be on the safe side, see your doctor for a checkup.

If you have one of the risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, smoking or a sedentary lifestyle, pay special attention. See your doctor if you feel any of the 7 symptoms listed above that herald a heart attack that is easy to miss.

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