The best Cyber Monday gaming chair deals you can sit in today

Check out our list of the best office and gaming deals you can get on E-Monday.
Black Friday is over but Electronic Monday is still here and that means deals are still going on — including this on our best 2020 gaming chair, Secretlab Omega, which you can get right away for just $349. That's a pretty good price compared to the usual $419 price, but if you want to spend a little less (or maybe a little more), we also have some other ideas.

The chairs on our list will keep you right in all important ways, with height, adjustable tilt, and optional features like neck and waist support — all of which are important, no matter how long we've parked them. They're also stylish: Many are adorned with interesting logos and bright reds and vibrant yellows, although if you want a more discreet look, which suits the office then there's also a lot of basic black to go around.

In fact, the chairs that are not aimed at gamers are the real chairs that will make you uncomfortable. For example, Steelseries Gesture costs a whopping $849.15 and doesn't have optional features such as a polished aluminum base or additional belt support. Herman Miller's Sayl chair costs $471.75 (from $555), which is a lot lower than Gesture but a lot higher than many others. Obviously, these are very premium chairs, and if that's what you're after, this is a good time to make them.

The other side of the coin, in terms of price and styling, is emerging Vartan from Staples, a red and black unit (although there are other colors) with a head pillow and belt costing $139.99. It's very well rated by users and a seven-year warranty, and it's definitely worth a look if you're working on a tight budget.

Whether you focus on the aesthetics of gamers or keep a less luxurious appearance, a good chair is like a good mattress: You will spend a lot of time on it, so you should invest in a good chair. And this is a good time to do it.

Here are the best deals we've found so far.
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