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The habit of quietly destroying bones and joints is terrible.


   It is common practice to break your hands, twist your back or neck, and sit for long periods of time. Women wear high heels and make mistakes … these are the causes of quiet disruption to the musculoskeletal system.

Among them, the most common and worst harms to bones and joints are from the following well-known:

* Excessive hand bending, back twist, neck twist.

Breaking knuckles, twisting your back, and twisting your neck are common habits for many. However, this is an effect that causes the joint to suddenly move beyond its range of motion, destroying the cartilage and ligament structures around the joint. This causes joints to grow larger and can cause injuries such as sprains, tensions, tensions, dislocations, rapid wear and tear of cartilage, and can accelerate the aging process.

If this practice is not stopped, the joints will degenerate and deform, the joints of the fingers and ligaments will enlarge, and the cervical spine herniated disc, lumbar spine, and herniated disc will cause compression. Radiculopathy …

* Please wear high heels.

Wearing high heels can cause your lumbar spine, calf muscles, and heel tendons to stretch too much, resulting in injury or fatigue. Symptoms are low back pain, calf pain, or upper heel pain. When muscle groups become overloaded, they become weak and unable to maintain structures such as the spine, knee joints, and ankles, and are more likely to cause injuries and damage to the joint system due to falls.

When the toes of a shoe are narrowed, the toes are squeezed together, the thumb is rounded, and the thumb and other toes are deformed for a long period of time. In addition, pressing the toes with the toes of the shoe causes compression, damage to the nerve branches, and pain or enlargement of the nerve branches in the area of the foot.

Prolonged sitting or standing in a position reduces blood circulation in the legs, reduces the flexibility of the buttocks and lower back muscles, and makes the bones gradually thinner, more brittle, and more prone to fractures. The hand, wrist, and arm joints always work with the mouse and keyboard, exerting pressure on the ligaments and muscles during continuous operation.

The habit of sitting for a long time, more than two hours, tires the muscles next to the spine, leaning forward and leaning forward, straining the muscle groups and ligaments behind the spine. Fatigue of this stabilization system causes pain and, over time, destabilizes the spine, causing spinal damage, disc herniated disks, and spinal degeneration. Therefore, you should limit sitting for more than 2 hours.

* Squat, cross-legged and sit down.

The knee joint consists of the patella and tibial joints, which support the full weight of the body. When the knee bends, the pressure exerted by the thigh muscles and patellar tendon causes the patella to slide over the femur. The force when walking is about 1/2 of the body weight, the force when climbing stairs is 3 to 4 times the body weight, and the force when crouching is 7 to 8 times the body weight.

Therefore, the crouching habit creates a great deal of pressure, destroying the patella and femoral cartilage and causing osteoarthritis of the patella. Training your quadriceps, avoiding crouching habits, minimizing stair climbs and carrying things up and down stairs can help protect your patella joints.

* Weight loss is too fast.

Studies by American scientists have shown that the side effect of sudden unsafe fat loss is to limit the absorption of calcium into bones and accelerate the aging process.

If you lose weight too quickly, the connection between the fat layer and the muscles will loosen. Therefore, accidents such as falls, slips, and fractures may occur. It also explains why people after losing weight are weak and prone to osteoporosis.

* Lazy exercise.

According to some scientific research, Vietnam is one of the 10 countries with the least active people in the world. Inactive habits lead to a range of dangerous illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, especially bone and joint diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain and spinal pain …

Instead of sitting in one place, a simple exercise in about 30 minutes each day will not only be very helpful to your joint system, but will also improve your health, such as swimming, cycling and kicking a soccer ball. , Badminton, martial arts, tai chi, kigon, yoga …

* Abuse of painkillers.

Another notable reason is due to the misuse of painkillers. Gastritis is the most common side effect in the group of anti-inflammatory analgesics. The risk of cardiovascular and renal disease from analgesics was also observed with NSAIDs.

Powerful anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids are very effective, but long-term use causes osteoporosis, drug addiction, and drug-induced Cushing’s syndrome. Therefore, you should take your medicine according to your doctor’s prescription.

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