The industry is applying Blockchain technology .(2)


* Art .

It sounds strange, but in fact, in recent years, the art field is applying Blockchain technology more and more.

In November 2018, Christie’s New York became the first auction house to record a sale in DLT, with a $322 million sale of the Barney A. Ebsworth collection recorded using subscriptions. based on Artory’s blockchain, while facilitating anonymous transactions between buyers and sellers.

* Vote .

In 2014, the Liberal Union of Denmark became the first major political party to use blockchain technology to conduct an election.At the time, a party member emphasized the benefits of using DLT to perform voting, stating: Blockchain eliminates the problem of fraud, because the technology can run autonomously without interference from people, and at the same time it’s open source and transparent, so everyone can keep track of what’s going on.

In April 2018, the US state of West Virginia, 144 military personnel stationed across 24 different countries participated in primaries using blockchain-based voting platform Voatz, becoming first US jurisdiction to use DLT for voting. The platform, developed by Symantec, was conceived to accommodate just 13% of service members overseas who registered to vote in the 2016 federal election – of which only 9% qualified.

A year later, it was announced that Denver would become the second US state to use blockchain in municipal elections, again using Voatz to target service members overseas, in addition to international voters – 4,000 individuals in total.

* Real Estate .

During San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019, the token sale raised $18 million to purchase shares of the resort in the US city of Aspen. The token, called Aspen Coin, issued through crowdfunding website Indiegogo, allows accredited investors to purchase Aspen Coin tokens, in compliance with Security and Exchange Commission regulations. United States Exchange (SEC). Each Aspen Coin is listed at a price of $1, and the minimum investment amount is $10000.

* Investors in the real estate sector. Product:

You are really talking about a real property where people are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per night to stay, and this has generated a lot of revenue. It (real estate tokenization) fragmented assets. If you want to buy St.

* Land Registry.

The immutability and transparency of distributed ledgers provide a viable solution for land registries in developed and developing countries. Many developing countries suffer from problems related to the management of land registries, especially those that struggle with corruption or those that have undergone historical regime changes. recent history. Consequently, there are often claims of title to land.

In May 2015, Texas-based companies Factom and Epicle announced that they would work together with the government of Honduras to build a blockchain-based land title registry.

Recently several public institutions are looking to use blockchain to create digital land registries, launching a pilot project to record real estate transfer documents in the city of Vermont. South Burlington and the Land Registry of the Netherland suggest that a blockchain-based solution will enter the national registry by the end of 2021.

Blockchain technology presents unprecedented opportunities to enhance the efficiency and transparency of complex and global systems. From cross-border transactions to daily life activities. Blockchain is redefining the systems underlying the functioning of contemporary society. However, the above examples are just one of the few applications of blockchain technology. With outstanding advantages, in the not too distant future, Blockchain will be applied in all aspects of life.

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The industry is applying Blockchain technology .(1)

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