The Warmest Places to visit in the US in February

The second Monday of the year aka Green Monday can make us yearn for warmer climates, winter getaways, and spring that comes sooner rather than later. In that case, you might be thinking, like me, about where you can visit in February that will have brighter days and warmer temperatures. I decided to do a bit of my own research to bring you my top list of the warmest places to visit in February so you can simply pick a destination and hit the road. Let find out The Warmest Places to visit in the US in February below.

Florida, United States, Florida Keys, North America



The weather across Texas in February is mild, allowing visitors to explore the sights, walk around the cities, and enjoy the state’s festivals without getting too cold. However, even on cooler days, Houston offers plenty of indoor activities for visitors to explore, such as the Houston Museum of Natural Science, NASA Johnson Space Center, Museum of Fine Arts, and Minute Maid Park, the home ground of the Houston Astros Major League Baseball team.

Temperatures in Houston in February will usually be in the mid-50s/60s (F)/teens (C), so you can dress lightly and still enjoy the city’s Waterwall Park Buffalo Bayou, and Discovery Green.


Though often overlooked in favor of more popular tourist destinations, Jacksonville, Florida really has it all, plus the proud February weather to enjoy it. Jacksonville has beaches, parks, shops, restaurants, art galleries, museums, and more, so it could be your one and only stop for a great winter break. That is one of The Warmest Places to visit in the US in February.

Jacksonville can be the perfect choice for those who want to combine cultural attractions and activities with enjoying the great outdoors because of its natural waterways, urban parks, wide-open beach, and ecological reserve. The city is also a good family vacation spot as there are plenty of indoor and outdoor attractions to keep people of all ages entertained.


The crown for the warmest place in the US in February belongs to Honolulu, Hawaii. Temperatures here in February barely drop below 65 (F)/20 (C), which is definitely warm enough to enjoy Hawaii’s beaches, Polynesian culture, and sip cocktails in the sand.

Some of Honolulu’s highlights include Waikiki Beach, Iolani Palace, Diamond Head State Monument, and explore the history of Pearl Harbor at the USS Arizona visitor center. Visitors who love the great outdoors may also want to swim and surf or even hit the Koko Crater Trail south of the city. That is one of The Warmest Places to visit in the US in February.

Now that you have your list of great places to visit in the US in February, all you have to do is book ahead and pack. Let me know in the comments where you want to go this February.


February sees the start of Spring in San Diego with warmer temperatures, Valentine’s Day deals, and whale watching season all of which make it a great time to visit. It’s also much cheaper to visit San Diego at this time before the late spring and summer crowds arrive and you’ll find great deals on beach resorts.

While the beach weather won’t go away in February, San Diego has plenty of other attractions and events like Balboa Park, Embarcadero harbor, Old Town San Diego, and Little Italy, all of which are well worth a visit. February is also San Diego Museum Month, during which about 40 museums have half their prices, another way to save money when you travel.


Although San Antonio, Texas is one of the cooler locations on this list, it will still provide warmth and respite for those coming from snowy spots across the US and from the UK. UK and Europe. Temperatures are typically in the 50/60 (F)/teenage (C) range, warm enough to enjoy the view, walk along the river, visit the zoo, take a San Antonio river cruise, or visit the McNay Museum of Art .

When the temperature gets a little cooler at night, you’ll be able to soak up San Antonio’s theater scene, enjoy a Valentine’s dinner, or catch some live country music at one of the bars or the city’s performance venue.

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