These Best Things To Do in Corfu Island, Greece

Corfu is located in the remote northwest corner of Greece, just off the coast of the land border with Albania. Along with the surrounding small islands, it is the second-largest Ionian island. Historically, Corfu was the place where the shipwrecked Odysseus sought refuge from storms and where other travelers had rested. The lush coastline, verdant hills, and sparkling bays have attracted visitors since the 8th century BC. Corfu holds a position of strategic importance and has been fought for centuries. The town of Corfu is the only Greek city with castles surrounding the town and one of the very few castles that held the Ottomans at bay. Let find out These Best Things To Do in Corfu Island, Greece below.

These Best Things To Do in Corfu Island, Greece
These Best Things To Do in Corfu Island, Greece



Kanoni, a small part of Corfu town, is a popular photo spot. It takes its name from the cannon on the top of the hill; At the foot of the hill is the charming church of Panagia Vlacherna. Pontikonisi, or Mouse Island, is a 5 minutes boat ride from the coast. Boats regularly sail to this small island, where the Pantokrator church is located.


The small palatial estate at Mon Repos was once the summer residence of a British official and his wife Corfiot. It remained in British hands for some time before being presented to the Greek Royal Family. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark were all born at Mon Repos. Today, the palace is the state archeology museum


The New Fort, by contrast, is much smaller and has no dwellings within it. It was built less than two centuries after the construction of Venice’s original Old Fort. The castle consisted of two levels and was surrounded by a deep moat, which impeded invasions. The castle was completed at the same time as the city walls.


Square Sianada, which takes its name from the Italian spianare is the main square in the town of Corfu. It is also the largest square in Greece and dates back to the French occupation during the Napoleonic Wars.

Sianada Square is a gathering place for many locals and is surrounded by various monuments, the Old Fort, the Palace of Saints Michael and George, and the French domes over the palace of Venice, known as the Venetian palace is Liston.


Saint Spyridon is Corfu’s patron saint, despite being from Cyprus. He is credited with having saved the island four times from serious dangers, for which he was appointed patron.

St Spyridon’s Church was built in the Venetian style in the 1580s after the destruction of the private church, which housed the remains of St Spyridon. His remains were moved to the new church, where they were buried in a crypt on the main floor.


The Asian Art Museum is located in the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George. It was created in the early 20th century after a local collector decided to donate his collection of Asian art to the community.
Many Greek diplomats also donated works of art throughout the 20th century, and today the museum holds more than 10,000 artifacts. Among the collections are Chinese porcelain, Japanese prints, bronze Indian sculptures, and wood carvings.


The Palace of St Michael and St George is also known as the City Palace, and was the residence of the high commissioner in the 19th century, later the residence of the Greek Royal Family. It is located at one end of Sianada Square and across from the square.
The palace, designed by Sir George Whitmore, was the first Greek Revival Neoclassical building built in Greece. There are large gardens, overlooking the fortress of Old Venice, and natural seawater baths near the sea. The palace now houses the Asian Art Museum and a small cafe. That is one of These Best Things To Do in Corfu Island, Greece.


Pastitsada is traditionally made with rooster, but more commonly with veal or chicken. The meat is cooked with fresh tomatoes, wine, onions and cloves, cinnamon, and all. It is served with pasta or potatoes, usually a casserole.

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