Top 5 habits that can damage your kidneys.


   Less water, more salt, smoking, drinking more alcohol … are bad habits that can harm your kidneys.

In the human body, the kidneys are not only a detoxifying organ, but also help balance the amount of sodium, calcium and many other important substances. The kidneys also regulate blood pressure (renin), make red blood cells, metabolize vitamin D, and release the hormones needed to absorb calcium (erythropoietin).

Unfortunately, many people inadvertently hurt their kidneys through their daily habits. Here are five habits that can harm your kidneys:

1. Reduce the amount of water you drink.

The main function of the kidney is to remove waste products from metabolism and regulate the production of red blood cells. To do this, the kidneys need water, rather a certain amount of water. If you don’t drink enough water, your blood will concentrate and your kidneys will have less blood flow. Therefore, this prevents the kidneys from removing toxins from the body and causes many unhealthy problems.

Therefore, it is very important to drink enough water to regulate the flow of water in the kidneys. Healthy adults should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water (equivalent to 2.5 liters) or fruit juice daily to keep their body well hydrated. However, keep in mind that drinking too much water is not good for your kidneys. Therefore, you need to avoid drinking too much water. The balance of water supply to the body is the key to protecting the kidneys.

2. Too much salt is consumed.

This is also a bad habit of damaging your kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for metabolizing 95% of sodium intake through food. If you have a high salt intake, your kidneys must work harder to get rid of the excess salt. This can lead to decreased renal function. Excessive salt in the diet also causes water retention and raises blood pressure. Chronic hypertension damages the kidneys and is a major cause of renal failure.

3. Smoking.

It can damage kidney function and even exacerbate existing kidney problems. Studies have shown a link between smoking and kidney disease. In fact, smoking is one of the leading causes of end-stage kidney disease and kidney failure.

4. Drink a lot of alcohol.

The kidneys help the body filter substances that are harmful to the body, such as alcohol. So when you drink a lot of alcohol, your kidneys are exposed to more pressure and work harder. Drinking alcohol regularly damages the urinary tract. Alcohol severely dehydrates the body, and excessive levels of alcohol in the body dehydrate your organs, leading to dysfunction. Alcohol is also a cause of liver disease and interferes with the regulation of blood flow to the kidneys.

5. Painkiller.

Painkillers are used to solve many problems, but taking too much painkillers can damage your kidneys. Painkillers such as aspirin reduce blood flow to the kidneys. These drugs also directly damage kidney tissue and damage its function. Each year, 3% to 5% of new cases of renal failure are caused by the abuse of this analgesic.

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