Understanding Requirements and claims

You have the insurance in place and now you need to make a request. We explain what to expect throughout the process of insurance requirements.

When you may need to make a requestAs with any insurance policy, it is important to know what you are insured. This is an important step to know whether you can make a claim. If you are unsure whether you can make insurance requests or not, talk to your financial advisor who can advise whether you are insured for a particular situation or not.

Make a request

Your personal insurance claim usually includes some key steps.

Step 1: Contact your insurance Company

It is important to contact your insurance company as soon as you can and explain what happened to remind your request. You’ll likely be asked some questions about the type of request you want to give. This will help ensure you are transferred to the right person to resolve your insurance claim.

Many insurers will assign a consultation asking to you, who will help you every step. Please remember to record the name and phone number of the consultation. It’s always a good idea to take note of each conversation you have, record the date and time of the call.
In some cases, your insurance claim may be reviewed by phone without you filling in any forms.

Step 2: Complete your request form

If your insurance company asks you to fill out the insurance claim form, be sure to read it carefully as it may require that you attach the material quite specifically as a medical certificate. Some parts of the papers may even need to be filled out by your doctor.

Review your form before submitting it to your insurance company and, if possible, take a copy of the completed documents.

Step 3: Ask your insurance to be rated

Your insurance company will review all of the information you have provided an initial assessment of your request. There is the possibility that the insurance company will call you to discuss the assessment, followed by a written confirmation with details of your request.

Step 4: Results

If your insurance claim has been approved, your insurance company will arrange your payment by direct deposit or check. For insurance in super, the complaints are paid into your super account and can be accessed at any time after meeting the relevant release conditions. Your insurance company will keep in touch to confirm your payment has been processed. If your request is for an income insurance benefit, your insurance company will likely keep in touch every month to evaluate ongoing payments.
Request payments can often be a huge amount of money. You may want to discuss the best way to use your payment with a financial advisor.

Our Request group

At BT, we understand that making requests is a stressful and difficult stage. Our team of appeals is trained and empowered to evaluate timely complaints and provide sincere and useful advice throughout the process.

Our Love Philosophy

We believe in the fair and respect for the intent of the policy. In the event that the complaint remains unclear as to the policy, we will apply a general understanding of the fair and consider what the policy is designed for and pricing. When we evaluate the user’s fair, we refer to all policy owners not only those who make the current request. Part of our role is to protect policyholders from non-genuine complaints that are paid.We understand that people often make life insurance claims in the very necessary time, and administrative delays can cause harm, so we’re always looking to timely pay for claims.Our complaints consultant understands each customer and the required circumstances are unique. We know that in order to solve the books efficiently, we need to treat people with their understanding and consideration of their situation in a holistic way.We believe that transparency leads to better complaints outcomes and that our clients do not always understand the policy material. We have a role to explain your policy and ensure you receive the maximum benefits for your complaint.We are responsible for your personal information and maintain our records as responsible and ethical citizens.We understand that long-term loss is a serious health risk and will use our expertise and resources to help you regain your legs and achieve maximum recovery, after an accident or injury.

We are just part of the process that can deliver the best results for you. We value and respect the role of your advisor, treatment for physician and family support and the effort to be open and humble.