Unique office only in Japan.


   Office spaces that resemble phone booths in Japan allow people to work from virtually anywhere.

Telecubes, mobile offices the size of telephone booths, are springing up all over Japan. Demand for flexible workspaces continues to grow in this country.

Japanese media initially reported on the rise of Telecubes in 2019, when Mitsubishi Estate announced plans to begin rolling out small but cozy offices at airports and train stations around the country aimed at help remote workers.

These flexible offices are ubiquitous, making it easy for people to work close to home or on business trips. Closed offices help employees enjoy privacy and quiet, which other locations such as coffee shops, shared offices do not always have.

After the epidemic period, the demand for offices increased to an unprecedented level.

In Japan, mobile offices have recently been installed at 7-Eleven convenience stores, adding a whole new meaning to the name ‘convenience’. There are currently more than 100 such public workspaces across the country, but growing demand suggests that number could grow to more than 1,000 in the next few years.

Overall, this unique device will see that it is soundproof boxes about two meters high, one meter wide, with desks, seats, personal computers, power sockets and video conferencing software from VCube. .

In November 2018, Mitsubishi Estate Company began testing Telecube office rentals by the hour in buildings in Tokyo. The results show that the device is increasingly popular and now has to work hard to keep up with demand.

To apply for a mobile office, a reservation is made through a dedicated smartphone app. If you are not a member, it will cost you about 2.37 USD for 15 minutes of use.

One Telecube user in Japan shared: “The device really brings a huge help, I often have great difficulty when I have to participate in online interviews at home or at coffee shops.” .

To ensure user privacy and confidentiality, the device erases all data and web browsing history after each use. The unique device also features ventilation, reducing the risk of disease transmission.

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