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Useful uses of garlic.


    Not only is garlic a close spice in the daily meals of Vietnamese people, garlic is also a good medicine in health care and beauty. However, not everyone knows how to apply this spice in their daily menu effectively.

Learn the magical uses of garlic, friends!

1. Cure colds and flu.

Garlic itself contains a lot of alliin, which is an extremely important ingredient to help relieve nasal congestion, runny nose, and expectoration. According to studies, garlic essential oil has the ability to kill some harmful microorganisms in the respiratory tract, without losing beneficial microorganisms in the body.

You just need to pay attention to see that grandparents often use raw garlic in cases of colds and flu, helping to cool down and detoxify.

2. Cardiovascular treatment.

According to experts, high cholesterol in the blood leads to a high risk of cardiovascular disease. However, you can limit this thanks to garlic bulbs. Garlic works wonders in reducing excess cholesterol in the blood, while inhibiting the formation of cholesterol. You can use therapeutic drugs, combined with garlic will bring high efficiency in reversing cardiovascular diseases.

3. Reduce the rate of cancer.

Animal tests have led scientists to the conclusion that garlic contains compounds that can inhibit the growth of tumors. Accordingly, the sulfur in garlic is one of the substances capable of protecting cells from the invasion of cancer. The study also proved that the number of people who regularly use garlic in their daily meals has a lower incidence of cancer than those who rarely use garlic.

4. Anti-oxidation.

Eating a lot of garlic helps us improve memory and reduce forgetfulness. Garlic itself contains antioxidants, regular supply of garlic to the body will slow down the oxidation process, and at the same time stimulate brain activity.

5. In the beauty industry.

Garlic contains vitamins B1, B2, E. These are the key ingredients in maintaining the beauty of our sisters, bringing freshness and radiance every day!

* How to treat acne quickly and effectively at home.

Acne treatment: One more secret for those who often suffer from acne. You can use crushed garlic, apply it on the acne to repel the hateful acne simply thanks to the garlic bulb because it contains active sulfur that helps natural antibiotics.

Protect the nails: With weak, brittle and brittle nails, you can use thinly sliced garlic and rub it on the surface of the nails to make the nails stronger and stronger.

6. Some notes when using garlic.

– You should cut garlic before use, when garlic is exposed to the air, it will help metabolize substances and bring the best effects.

– When you are hungry you should not eat garlic, this will upset your stomach.

The essential oil in garlic is very hot and causes damage to the stomach. So you should not use more than 15g/day.

– Our skin is very sensitive, you should not apply garlic on the skin for more than 10 minutes, it will cause burning.

– When processing, remember not to overcook garlic, it will reduce the substances in garlic.

– People with liver symptoms should abstain from eating garlic because it will make the liver hot and damaged.

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