Utilities to pick up trains and buses with standard time of Google Maps.


Google Maps is a popular application downloaded and used by most smartphone users. However, they contain countless useful tools that not everyone can fully exploit to use. In particular, in the near future, Google will also bring users a very useful new experience in this application that users will have accurate instructions about the time to catch the train and bus on time.

Information from the Techcrunch site said that Google’s digital map upgrade application will display on smartphone screens even when locked of gamers who notify real-time updates of buses and trains in the future. gamer journey.

With this feature, gamers will touch the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen to display the specific schedule. When the gamer moves, it will be the actual time the map updates the vehicles when the player walks or travels by bus or train at that location.

This Google Maps application also reminds gamers of stations near places in the schedule that gamers want to go to. This is a cleverly useful value for gamers who move to a new, unfamiliar journey.

In fact, this feature is not entirely the first novelty from Google Maps, but before Transit also has a “Go” feature that also gives real directions to users when traveling by train or by train. bus.

However, the advantage of this application of Google Maps is that it is displayed right on Android operating system devices, so it does not need to spend much time with other applications.

Currently, Google Maps is considered an indispensable universal mapping tool. Summarizing the utilities that they bring to over 10 useful features that many people may not have fully exploited.

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