What to do when burned?


    There are different degrees of burns, but at any level, you should immediately soak the wound in clean cold water because cold water has a cooling effect on the wound and dilutes poisons if you have a lime burn, oil…

* How to deal with burns.

When suffering from burns, it is necessary to find ways to eliminate the cause of burns as soon as possible (extinguish the fire, cut the circuit breaker…). Immediately after being burned, soak the burned area immediately in cold water of 16-20 degrees C or under running water for 20-30 minutes. If the cold soak is slow, it will have little effect.

If burns are caused by chemicals, wash chemicals with water and neutralizing agent. Moderate pressure on burn wounds to limit edema and plasma drainage. Give hot tea, sugar water, Oresol…, pain reliever, warm if it’s cold. Transport gently, avoid collisions that cause additional pain.

For eye burns, it is necessary to treat promptly to protect eyes: Rinse eyes several times with clean, sterile cold water and send to an ophthalmologist.

With electrical burns: Burns may only appear externally as a mild burn, but the risk of destruction with an electrical burn is very high, even it will go deep inside under the epidermis. Therefore, after giving first aid, it is necessary to quickly bring the victim to the nearest medical facility.

With sequelae of burns (bad scars, sticky scars, keloid scars, stretch marks, long-lasting ulcers…) should be treated early by plastic surgery to restore function and aesthetics. Cracked burn scars, long-lasting infected ulcers need skin grafting to avoid skin cancer on the background of burn scars.

* Mistakes when giving first aid to burns.

In the event of a burn, self-first aid is essential. Many cases, due to wrong handling, have left unfortunate consequences.

Apply toothpaste: Many people give first aid by applying toothpaste to the burn. However, in fact, toothpaste has a mild alkaline substance, when applied, it will increase pain. In the case of acid burns, toothpaste is used to wash and neutralize the residual acid. When you have an acid burn, you must dilute the remaining acid on your skin by immediately submerging it in cold water. Then, neutralize the residual acid on the skin by gently rubbing soap or toothpaste to foam and penetrate deep into the skin and then rinse. For burns with boiling water, fire, do not use these substances because it only increases the pain. Do not use soap, toothpaste as a medicine.

Apply python fat or fish oil: Actually, python fat and fish oil can both treat burns but must be used at the right time. Vitamin A in fish oil and python fat has the effect of stimulating the regeneration of epithelial cells. Therefore, it is often used in combination with other drugs to form compounds with effects such as ointments and creams. The drug is indicated for deep burns, used in the third week after the burn. Do not use python fat and fish oil in first aid for burns.

Apply egg yolk: Egg yolk is a very good environment for bacteria to grow. When applying egg yolk, the burn is very quickly infected with bacteria, which can turn into a serious and dangerous infection. Some places also use outdated and dangerous first aid measures such as applying fish sauce, soy sauce, urine, squeezing banana and tuber juice on the wound.

* Burns are divided into 3 levels.

Level 1: Red, painful skin like sunburn, a few days will heal without leaving a scar.

Level 2: Higher, appear blister-like blisters, succulent inside.

Level 3: More dangerous, the burn penetrates deeply, through the skin and spreads to the muscle layer, which can be life-threatening, so it is necessary to bring to a specialist doctor for timely emergency.

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