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What you need to know about tremor syndrome.


   Few people know well about this syndrome. Even so, 8 to 10% of the population is infected, of which 2 to 3% are so severe that treatment is needed.

This disease is characterized by an uncomfortable feeling of instability in the legs. They are stimulated to move uncontrollably continuously for a short time and then disappear automatically. This is a feeling of insecurity, especially for those who are in need of a deep sleep, uncomfortable when they are rampant both in the sitting position and lying down, especially at night and at the beginning of the night. early at night. It is the main cause of difficulty sleeping and can lead to insomnia.

In fact, it is the second major cause of sleep disturbance, after sleep apnea. The consequences are detrimental to health, creating fatigue throughout the day because the victim is always in a sleepy state. They only managed to fall asleep for an average of less than 5 hours each night. This syndrome tends to get worse and worse.

It is caused by abnormalities in the nervous system. Women suffer from this condition twice as often as men, especially over the age of 50. In 80% of cases, the patients suffer at the same time with uncontrolled episodes of spontaneous movements, especially the expenses below.

* Diagnosis is based on four criteria:

– Legs are forced to automatically and irresistible vibration, accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

– Worsening with sleep and inactivity.

– The impact of partial or total vibration of the legs at first gradually increases in time.

Symptoms usually occur or increase in the evening or at night.

If you notice you have these symptoms, consult your doctor. Current treatment methods will eliminate unpleasant feelings, help patients find a good night’s sleep, and lead a more comfortable and stable life.

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